Photography Tips – Action Photography

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Keep the action alive in your photographs, it’s not all about freezing the action. Essential Photography Tips Here! Get More FREE Training at my website:


nzvinodrinker says:

I am a totally rank amatuer novice photographer. I watched this tutorial, went out and used what I learnt and just one a photo competiton with one of the resulting photos. Only used a Canon S95 compact too. Thanks for your tips 🙂

Paul Stewart says:

Excellent Video again Karl.

Lalith Kishore says:

Would a tripod be more useful or just restrict movement during panning?

rich999uk says:

Tried this at Brands Hatch BSB Oct, from the pit lane… all blurred…..! bikes at 150mph….definitely need a slower area to shoot at.

Paul Groves says:

Are you choosing the iso as you go? Or using auto?

Dawood Mengal says:

amezing nice work dear ……..

james canonuser says:

no a true panning shot is around the speed as he describes its all in the technique…

Frank Ngo says:

it’s called “panning”. search for it

Edgar Aguirre says:

I’ve seen some sports photos where the moving subject is in focus but the whole background is out of focus, can you explain how to create this effect?

blankplanet says:


cockyjeremy says:

That’s the point. You WANT blur with this sort of shot. It’s kind of hard to shake if you’re moving along side the action you want blurred. (I think i said that in a way that makes sense, lol)

RMCPortraits says:

great video, again nice job

TheFamilyguy421 says:

Another excellent photography tutorial. Thanks man. Keep them coming. Your videos are very useful. Thanks!

khalid zidan says:

i am a fan from egypt, luv u karl

Connn43 says:

who the hell would dislike this! 9 sad people in this world. Your vids are amazing by the way! 🙂

royalarctic says:

This guy is amazing

Guoenyi says:

Very good shots!!!!

Leonardo Abreu says:

Because he is using a fast shutter speed

Jakee1908 says:

what shutter speed would you use to take a photo of a swimmer, swimming?

Uzi Panti says:

he’s doing that for the panning shots in his wide angle lens to give a blurry moving like image… gosh! he used 1/1000 and 1/2500 iso 800 on the telephoto to freeze the shots… omg…

Don Paradox says:

I would have to disagree on that point. On a sunny and bright day, most speeds are around 200-500 of a second at ISO 200 which is fast enough for freeze action.

miniteichman says:

With a High ISO you can get even faster shutter speeds and with sensors these days ISO 800 is almost noiseless.

TheM4dC4t says:

Why are you using ISO 800 on a shiny day? Wouldn’t it be better to use ISO 100/200?

Mitchell Moss says:

wel what lens are you using? Longer lenses require steadyer shots.

erik vodopivec says:

Love the video :)! keep on whit good work:)! 

ilkerol1986 says:

greatest video about photography! He is on action !

h34dfuk4r says:

one thing he should have added to this tutorial is body position, like a golfer you need to ‘follow through’ your shot when panning to keep your movement smooth as possible – panning shots will not look so good if half way through the shot your body is twisted in an uncomfortable or un-natural position as this may cause you to ‘snatch’ the shot and give unwanted up/down blurring.. 🙂

Megan Michelle says:

Love the info!

haruka9011 says:

What? I have, like 11 frames per second so never mind. I shall use my shutter speed. :]

MrTroy354 says:

1/2000 is where its at… If its bright enough. I like the freeze type pictures better 😀

Atroz01 says:


Jd Malave says:

Never compromise speed for ISO.

Taylor Duncan says:

This is awesome because my brother races motocross.

b1tTutorials says:

i use 1/10 to 1/40 depending how fast i need follow

Jared Cosgro says:

I use like 1/600 lol

KR Andersson says:

if u want a frozen image, yes.

ven1018yt says:

i think arround 1/60 it’s more better

Brett Hinchcliffe says:

what kind of straps is he using?

JJ BFILM says:

Great tips.. Thanks for sharing.

stefanobe67 says:

I like very much this photographer, no matter the subject (fashion or sport action) he remains very skilled; and IMHO he’s a good teacher too…

KiraWasHere -flickr says:

At 1/100 u will freeze the background.. that’s not what he wanted (keep the speed effect)

fleur257 says:

I had a problem focussing when looking through the viewfinder. Have you tried adjusting your diopter, the little adjustment on the side of your viewfinder?

xnuwax says:

great work, i just learned panning

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