Photography Tutorial 10 ( Action )

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This is a brief introduction to the concepts of Action Photography. Directly from my Mastery of Photography Fundamentals DVD and presented by Samy’s Camera , This Months lesson is designed to get you up to speed on creating some amazing action photos. I hope you enjoy and learn a bunch


CFCChamps05 says:

You’re a very cool human being.

FontanaKnowledge says:

Use the widest aperture possible and set your ISO to a relatively high ISO that will still give you a good quality. Then shoot at the fastest speed you can while getting a proper exposure.  Pan and fire with the motion of the car to get some really nice shots. Good luck =o) Peace

William Starnes says:

Hi I have a very basic camera A nikon D3100 with a 3x 18-55mm Zoom-NIKKOR VR Image Stabilization Lens im going to the bristol tn night nqascar race what settings would you recommend to start at to get freeze action shots on moving cars I have only had the camera less then a week and would love to have a good chance of getting some beautiful stop motion shots of the moving cars, I know that I really should have alot better lens but purchasing a new lens at this time love your teaching style

startphotography says:

Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing!

pliraya says:

Thanks alot, this is great! After this video I’m left with a question though. When you use big aperture, as for instance your boxing picture with f/1,8, to compensate for the light you lose by using high shutter speed, will you not be bothered by the depth of field? The focus range will be very short, and even if your autofocus does its job, lots of the subject will still be blurry with such a low aperture? Getting a sharp action picture, with that low aperture seems impossible to me.

PhaipherGirl says:

I love your videos 🙂 they have helped me a lot! 😀 I just have one question, for example: when taking a photo of a fast horse, I use manual focus right?
Because since it happens sooo fast my camera wont focus I guess, Am I right or what shold I do?

musepigg says:

How about if I want to freeze a movement far away, but my aperture is 3.5 (in order to capture the moment sharp) and therefore gives a short depth of field?

Talifay says:

I love this!!! I have 3 small very active children! And 2 of them are in sports! Thank you!!!

harmonybyt says:

Great videos. I think you are great art 🙂

crizisinsane says:

You’re the jesus of photography man. You saves us

ElChamo7576 says:

Watching your videos has been so helpful man!! I have a much better understanding about photography after watching your video. I will take full advantage of my camera potential. Keep up the good work. We will support you.

boxing84batman says:

Thank you so much. This has helped me out A LOT.

sexykatie911 says:

FontanaKnowledge in profile

dantheman1507 says:

can I send you some photos on that email address?

FontanaKnowledge says:

Sure am =o)

kptkyle says:

There is alot of great information here. I am deffinetly going to subscribe and watch the rest of your videos. Ive been wanting to buy a new camera for a while now but due to my lack of knowledge am a little scared to shell out the cash. I found this video looking for action shots of different cameras. I am looking for a camera that will be able to take action shots like this (motocross/sports) but don’t really know what i need. Any tips, or know where to find more information.

Neal Ebbett says:

Love your work buddy. I have just sat down and watched the first 10 tutorials straight! Extremely helpful. I’m looking forward to watching the rest tomorrow night. I’m not sure if you really wanted to everyone’s photos, but if you have a sec, check ’em out… OK it wont let me link! Take a look at the ‘website’ link on my channel =)

PS: you rock! Thanks so much for sharing

FontanaKnowledge says:

I normally only adjust my ISO from the lowest possible (100) when it is a necessity so I guess it would always remain 3rd on the list. If I am looking to freeze action or make it blur I know I must prioritize my shutter speed. If I am looking for a certain depth of field I would have to put my aperture first.

I hope this helps =o) Peace

adn02d says:

these vidoes have been extremely helpful. You mentioned that for action shots, you’ll select your desired shutter speed, then set the appropriate aperture, then adjust ISO. I may be thinking too much into this, but I’m trying to see if there’s a basic order of steps to follow for setting up any type of shot, be it action, portrait, micro etc. Would you consider these to be the first 3 steps of setting up your shots, and then perhaps setting the white balance, then metering…what’s ur process?

zernestro says:

man, you totally rock!

everettesfit says:

dude, your info is off the chain and has helped me a bunch.

wtfznet says:

You either really like that sort or film alot on one day 😛

yiyilore says:

YOU ARE AWESOME !!! thanks a lottt ,really u are so good teaching and also a nice personality .I am learning from ur videos more than the classroom !
Great job .GBU ,Peru.

FontanaKnowledge says:

You got it. You will definitely need a tripod for this. Good luck

Ruwan Indika says:

hey Man, thanks for all the Videos , I am watching these in Taiwan. I am question, increasing aperture will add depth of field , so If I want to make a night photograph of a night view I want everything to be on focus , so what I do is reduce aperture to around f10 , keep ISO at 100 and use a longer shutter speed like 15seconds , is this the right approach ??? I am using a Canon 500D

China749 says:

million thanks again…shutter speed was a complete blur to me…but after i watched your video for a few times…i finally got it…I can’t find my words to thank you….

Simon Murdoch says:

Cant thank you enough for these videos and your enthusiasm. Great Job. Simon-UK

tissa71 says:

thank you! I zoomed out and it helped a little. Now I could move it to 2.8. Still didn’t really work, but I guess it may be because I am trying to shoot in my room with a pretty low light.
My camera aperture is suppose to be on the scale of 1.4-22. At least that is what the info says, but I do not know. I am still learning the camera pretty much (and trying to do all the cool things you are talking about at the same time and see what happens) =) Thanks again!

FontanaKnowledge says:

Your lens may only be a 5.6 or it might be that it is a variable lens, Meaning that if you are zoomed in all the way it only goes to 5.6.

Try zooming out and see if it still happens. It could just be a coincidence that you are shooting fast. If thats not the problem I don’t know what it could be. =o(

Anyhow I hope this helped

tissa71 says:

for some reason when i put my shutter speed on lets say 1/1000 sec or higher, my cam wouldn’t allow me to put aperture on less than 5.6 so i get a black square. Why?? 🙁

P.S. I have Sony Alpha

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