Photoshop CS6: Panoramic Pictures Tutorial.

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wrk4380 says:

Do not waist your time to watch that crap 🙂

Myron Mckenna says:

Hey there! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My friend Francheska made some amazing photos with their photography tutorials.

eschelar says:

nope, just looked like it.

Jonas Husballe Normann says:

hahahaha!!! What an idiot! That british accent is awfull!!

nwidesigns says:

Please include PERFECT with that statement and yes if you agree that this child somehow has anything in common with a skilled Photoshop expert then by all means get what value you can out of it and someday you may even be able to do something worth while in this application,

shatchett0 says:

You’ve succeeded in showing the world what an asshole you are. Congratulations.

shamsham1983 says:

nice sound effect high quality

teCtoRgr says:

let the haters hate thanks for tutorial

francisadrianlacson says:

Boy. thanks for this tutorial. its very helpful. thank you once again. hope to more tutorial u have. 🙂

Tho mas says:

nice tutorial, fast and all steps - thx 😉

herrokitty93 says:

thanks! this helped alot 🙂

TUTsona says:

It says CS6 because it works in CS6 and people look for CS6 tutorials now instead of CS5.

globalnine says:

epic tutorial! great:P

IceDogsFan2009 says:

You did a very nice job with that – and all before your mom called you for supper.

nwidesigns says:

If in fact you was really using Photoshop CS6 (which you are not!) the best way to start is from Bridge. Open the folder in Bridge and then go to Tools>Photoshop>Photomerge. Plus the best mapping to use is the cylindrical mapping NOT auto! Guess this is good for beginners as the autor is obviously a n00b and a liar or wanted CS5. Since it was not even in beta when the video was created it would be impossible!

vinh1026 says:


BlackJulin says:

Really helpfull tutorial. Cheers.

atanasiuuuu says:

thhnx is workk thnx 😉

TUTsona says:

It wasn’t my first day.

TheComposer1979 says:

wh i have distortion whene i d o it

skylerrosendale says:

This is like the British “First Day on the Internet Kid”

Jamal salem says:

this is very useful.. does this option available in CS2 ??

hunteRRtech says:

woah man, your first two buttons are open, calm down…

thakkar0000 says:

You dont need more ram, i had this same error, what happens is when u take high res pics PS will create a huge file adding all of them, i ended up with a 208mb file. and it would not fill due to lack of ram. you need to click on, Image > Image Size and easiest way to do it change pixels to percentage and resize it.

thakkar0000 says:

however it didnt work that perfectly but i wil look into it

mortaja8 says:

thanx for that

etnie1031 says:

same here!!!

TUTsona says:

Also remember to close other programs that may be hogging CPU.

TUTsona says:

Ok before you go out and buy more ram you have quite a few options! It is possible you do in fact have enough ram but photoshop cannot access the resources. If you go into photoshop, then go into edit>preferences>general then select performance you can assign more ram to photoshop. If this doesn’t work when you do content aware fill try doing one half first and then the other half. IF that doesn’t work you could always just crop instead of using content aware fill.

bendingsnake says:

Please help me it comes up with an ereor saying i dont have enough ram do i need more ram?

prxypwns says:

same here. oO


very helpful, short and to the poiint

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