Photoshop Tutorial: Panoramic

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Difficulty: 3 Medium low Step by step on how to make a panoramic scene using photoshop CS3 and a couple of picture you’ve taken. Sorry Photoshop CS3 only.


erikanarane1 says:

U r truly amazing!! thanks a lot 4 sharing!! be blessed

magnoid says:

nice and short, straight to the point, exactly what I was looking for 🙂

keithkosmal says:

I’ve had this problem in the past too, I’m not sure if you’re using a pretty advanced camera, or a camera where you can adjust the white balance, but I’ve had this problem when I left the white balance on automatic. If you retain the same white balance throughout the several photos making the panorama, your sky isn’t going to change colors from photo to photo. Just something to consider in the future if your camera has that capability.

AndriiProts says:

thank u!

kadirbeyresort says:

thank you

kadirbeyresort says:

thank you


very helpful tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

Esas Khan says:

its giving the error of overlaying?..

Samuel David says:

“give it to your dog…” hahaha!

Rex Kirby says:

Sickkkk tutorial!! signed in just to rate it

zer0cool81 says:

Thanks Man!! This really Helped!!!!

Madeline Rook says:

can you do this on ipod touch with the photoshop app

jacdpunk says:

great nice one

Maniifest Destini says:

I think FullAperture is a pretty cool guy. He makes panoramic and doesn’t afraid of anything.

royoroyal says:

Thanks man awesome tutorial

agilefuseconsulting says:

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katingaman says:

sorry man but… i added to favorites!!
btw how can i like twice? =D

invension says:

Made my first panorama…thanks!

voncrusader says:

what the background music’s  title?

elmarco18 says:

Really useful!! Good job Chris!!

pixer07 says:


gettinbattered says:

thanks man.helped me alot

Carl Rose says:

Thanks, that was very simple and straightforward!!

aitruitt says:

Which photoshop were you using?

JimTBell says:

Before cropping why not acquire the whole image and use the freeform tool to square up the building? When you finished it was falling over due to distortions.

044227470 says:

just great, thanx

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