Panorama Photos in Photoshop

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Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create seamless panoramic images! Make sure to check out my other Photoshop tutorials. Links below! | http Music: Kevin MacLeod


1Celebrindor says:

I’ve had it fail before as well. Sometimes you just have to do it manually

bltruscott1 says:

And professional or hobbyist photographers use SLRs, which don’t do this automatically and yield better images. 🙂

JungProduction says:


timjonasd says:

why didn’t you use content- aware instead of croping ? 🙂

martynmc09 says:

well just to be a bit of a dick 🙂 my new phone does it automatically and also in 3D, so noo need for this (for me btw) but nice tutorials overall

timochey says:

I followed everything you did, and I used 4 photos, but when I Auto-Align it, it places two of the photos next to each other, with another 2 underneath one of the photos…
I’ve tried a few times and watched the video closely several times…
Whats wrong? :s

nIcecreamovie says:

thanks a lot!

CekyHDa says:

Open Bridge select your files in the folder go to Tools –> Photoshop –> Photomerge
I think that’s the easiest way.

Eric Garman Jr says:

I was wondering how to do the first step in your how to video. How do you have all of the photos in a single document but different layers?

TheDayGamers says:

There a bunch of videos at the side fom IceFlow that range from 100,000 to 500,000 views and then there the Breast Enlargement video with 5,000,000 LOL!

TarundXxxxxxx says:

u r awesome mn! i jus open ma photoshop and follow your steps thnx fr this tutorial……

dodkak says:

best tutorials ever!

Drhellyeahsweden says:

1 year ago no answert??? pleas ei need same help! 🙂

jeweos says:

thank you very much

umassmza says:

If you have After Effects you can bring all the photos into a composition at 1 frame per image.
You render the composition out to a quicktime movie.
Back in Photoshop you are able to Import the movie as a single document with each frame as its own layer.
Its a couple of steps but if you have AE it should only take a minute or two

Tyfourteen says:


gontranpeter says:

what equpment do I need to create 360×360 panoramics(panoramic images for both up and down)?

Skateboardzrulez88 says:


idmt23 says:


I have Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended. If you click on File then Automate then Photomerge, will it work as well?


wazzumz says:

The Adobe CS4 Classroom in a Book (lesson 10) crops out the sides and bottom but not the top. Instead, for the sky, use the eye dropper to pick dark blue as the foreground and light blue as the background. Then, create a new layer (sky) and use the rectangular marquee to select all of the transparent areas in the top of the image. Pick the gradient tool with the first option selected. Drag a line from the top to the bottom of the rectangle. Finally, use the auto-blend feature and voila!

agbar113 says:

he uses cs4 on which that option is not available yet.

thomnasalvaedison24 says:

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electricskillet says:

Instead of cropping, you could use the content-aware and fill in the transparent area. It takes some tweaking to get it right, but you won’t lose any photo area.

lordofkronos says:

then u suck

123IOWNALL321 says:

Wtf…why? It’ll just look wicked distorted.

lordofkronos says:

do it again, this time with like 6 pictures so its massive

123IOWNALL321 says:


lordofkronos says:

how many pictures did you connect to make that panorama

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