Digital Photography 1 on 1: Episode 40: Stop Action Videos

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This week Mark demonstrates some techniques for creating stop-action and time lapse videos. Watch as Mark animates a wooden toy and then creates a movie in Apple Final Cut Studio.


LivinOnLaughter says:

What is the name for that toy figure used?

Ashkan Ahmadi says:

10:23 you said cameras shoot 4×3. i believe all DSLR cameras shoot 3×2, not 4×3!

hykugan says:

“…video is gonna be 24fps, that means i have 4 frames per second ’cause i’m bringing these in at 6 frames each”. Mark, could you please elaborate above sentence because from what I see is the video plays 4 PICTURES per second? I’m so confused between using the term ‘frame’ and ‘picture’. Thanks

eyal yossef says:

watch that!!!!


Kalle Björklund says:

How do i do it in bridge?

NickAndThisIsGood says:

Hello Mark would you use photoshop for editing video?

Henry Orth says:

Mark if I was you i would use both Canon and Nikon two great companies even though I own all Canon. Great Job by the way on all you videos - as a professional I love watching you to steal anything I may have overlooked!!! Cudos to you!!! Happy New Year!

anackm says:

It’s 2:30am and now I’m totally excited about doing my own stop motion video! I’ll send the link if it doesn’t come out too dumb, lol

SLRreview says:

Very cool. You almost made me to buy the wax and the remote control.

cristhianbarneond says:

super it amazing nice touch with the elevation at the end

WiredToTheCore says:

1000th veiw

snapfactory says:

@ErnieCosmo It can play them but has no editing capabilities.

snapfactory says:

I shoot with both frequently. :)

WiredToTheCore says:

Great Video Best One if seen

theone2225 says:

Mark didnt you use to shoot with Canon? why the switch to Nikon?!

MoRicePhoto says:

This was a fantastic episode. I’d thought about trying some time lapse stuff ever since i discovered the EOS software makes it pretty easy, and now I feel ready to dive in!

Y0mki says:

This is awesome…i’ll definitely do this.. it looks like I’m going to have some fun doing this.. Thanks Mark.

Ardit Hamzai says:

awesome man! THANKS!

Matz Rios says:

you are way too awesome! thanks!

moviecrazy808 says:

Mark flying….Now that was funny….

Nelly Trott says:

Thank you for shearing !

karenicy says:

love you so much!!!

AdamLeeGuitarist says:

I think YouTube uses 24 fps?

tomekmisiewicz says:

good to subscribe 🙂

Mosgaard says:

Owww nice, it’s 720p 🙂

Dimmoe says:

thanks mark your the best

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