How to shoot on a pure white background: studio product photography tutorial

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The video shows how to work with DIY clear plexiglas shooting table. Full article is on my pixiq blog :


Shobolanul5thF says:

Hi, have you heard about “Photo SFXart Tricks” (google it)? There you can watch a useful free video demonstrating the right way to make awesome photographs. This helped Matt to shoot pictures which leave you with that wow-effect whenever you look at them. Hopefully it works for you as well.

thepinkpanzer says:

What software are using for shooting at 2:57?

simonram8505 says:

05:18 “so.. I got, the shit”

Audicy1 says:

Great tip!, thanks.

magicman3801 says:

How to shoot on pure black please ??? 

Nara Boonta says:

Thank you 🙂

Akkordinator says:

I dont know why but all of your videos are loading very slow. I’ve never had that on an other channel. Thats a pity:(

fugander says:

Hi, I just watched your video and it was really nice and full of good stuff to learn about product photography. Thanks. In the video you use some tool (photoshop?) to identufy the pure white parts (shown in red on the screen). How is that done?

global001 says:

Just wanted to say thanks a lot. I found the materials & created one. Not as smooth on the bend as yours but good enough. The images have turned out fantastic! No selecting & deleting the white background. You saved he heaps of time.

LynxHope says:

It’s a Lenovo workstation laptop as well as a fold out second screen it has a built in graphics tablet.

siddhartha sarkar says:

This video is really a helpful one I found on YouTube. Thanks a ton to the maker.

supersal001 says:

Thanks a bunch! Your video really helped me allot!. I’m building a website for my parents shop and need to take about 1k images so photoshoping each would be way too much. I used your idea and made my own plexiglass shooting table. Here is what I built: imgur. com/a/RJNaq . probably not the best but I just started product shooting 3 days ago lol. Thanks!

Lincoshop says:

Depth of Field and Lens effects!
w w

jubayeralamemon says:

Hello there, do you know “MagicSFXphoto” (search on Google for it)? There you can watch a great free video explaining the right way to make outstanding photographs. This made it possible for Daniel to take photos that have that wow-effect any time you look at them. Hopefully it will work for you too.

startphotography says:

Thanks for the excellent tutorial!

global001 says:

Also how thick is the plexiglass you bought? Can’t wait to give it a go now. Have a shoot on Monday. Thanks for sharing your ideas & knowledge.

global001 says:

This is an absolutely brilliant idea. I have a few questions: Did you heat this on top of your gas stove, over a naked flame? To get perfect shape did you rest it on an existing table or just bend it? And how long did it take to set hard? Sorry for all the questions, I want to try & make it myself.
Many thanks.

mrclown2001 says:

Awesome video, I have been trying so hard to get a white back ground and its been hard I have had to edit all my pics if I can do this it will save me so much work

BleakVision says:

When I first saw this Lenovo Laptop on I thought aboutwho would need such a thing. And here it is. Awesome.

jrajesse says:

Thanks for posting this. This past weekend, I had a project photographing some products on a white background, I opened the box containing the items and found out that most of them were white, I wish I had seen this sooner since I spent a lot of time masking out the products.


This was helpful, i shoot around 40-100 products every day thats is going to be on a pure white background, but like always for me, some nasty shadows and often I most the allot of work in photoshop 😛

Uber1nsane says:

The final result looks ten times better. Thanks for sharing! :)

n3m3s1srulz says:

Thank you so much! This really helped.

llieske says:

this is so incredibly useful for me.. thanks!

Daniel Foster says:

Thanks.. very good!


i saw this on G+ Google+ Cliff Baldridge

frogsoda says:

Excellent content. Can’t wait to watch the rest of your vids. Thanks.

redmatrice says:

i think it’s the best way to shoot product if you dont want shadows

iiablaze says:

he’s cute

HumanZoo22 says:

thank you.. i will do this just to improve my photography skills.. thatnks for the video

brownshadowman says:

Wow amazing techniques. This is the best solution not depending on photoshop to despatching the product shoot to make it in pure background. Clients are happy because they won’t charge for the photo editing… Thanks for uploading the video AKELstudio you are talented photographer.

AKELstudio says:

Its a retractable second screen.. Only lenovo makes such dual screen laptotps, and I love it:-)
tank you.

jabbspi says:

what is that screen that you have next to your laptop? looks like a tablet?
great video!

Peter Dudek says:

m8 this is what I was looking for! One solution for many problems – solved. Good man and many thanks for your time and tutorials!!!

phoveo says:

I don’t shoot product but this video was very interesting and very well made. Thank you for sharing.

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