Wedding Photography in Action

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Creative Cleveland Wedding Photographer Brett Yacovella in action, explaining and sharing what it’s like to work with the creative staff at Making the Moment Photography. Featuring real-life clients Jeff & Rachel Rice, this video is authentic look at our style and brand of award winning wedding photography.


moussaphotos says:

Bonjour belle vidéo qui décrit magnifiquement votre travail. quel est la musique de fond
s’ il vous plait merci

sbl0323 says:

Awesome video. I’d want these guys to do my wedding too.

Lickey Dumlao says:

Hey there! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (just google it)? My buddy Alina made some great photos with their video tutorials.

loui0008 says:

Great photography and video! What lens are you using?

yellajuju says:

I’m a budding photographer only 16! but hey my friends love and are willing to be my models Jessica-Lace Taylor future photographer

virteom says:

Making the Moment knows how to tell a story through their photography. Brett, you are an amazing photographer. If you did corporate, Virteom would use you for our clients in a heartbeat!

Andrea Robustini says:


kushnigam2000 says:

The video is so appelesque, I almost thought he would introduce a “revolutionary” product.

MakingTheMomentPhoto says:

Incredibly kind of you!! That is awesome. Thank you!!

Queue JQuijano says:

i usually don’t like weeding photography, because it sometimes kill the sense of candidness, but you video is an exception- it tells a story. It makes me wanna go back to weeding photography.

damn I’m so inspired at your video

Monica Marfetan says:

great video.. what lens you are using?

Pablo De La Hoya says:

i wish i could intern for a company like this :/ too bad i’m in Los Angeles, Great Video!!!

ChartierGROUP says:

Great VIdeo, Thank you!

CaddyOne CityOfHipHopDOTCom says:

Ok, what kind of cam and lens do you typically use, or what is your fav lens to use? Im shooting a friends wedding and im really pushing to make it special. Thanks

mf95600 says:

you are a genius of photography !
i love your style your philosophy the composition of your images you really rock

KuzoksOriginal says:

I love photography! … and I’m in love with your pics *-*

YouNgNHealthy says:

Oh man, this is impressive! Stunning pics! Awesome!

Justwatchrandom says:

which camera and lens setup did you use/use the most in your wedding photographs?

TheGiritube says:

pretty nice!

Fadhil Parewangi says:

“dislikes clan” still around. no hope !

BashStream23 says:

love the photography style!

La Nur says:

Hi, I would like to know which program do u use to correct taken photos? could u tell pls?

sandu mihai says:

what camera are you use in this shooting photo?

Murad Gargoum says:

really creative ..!! , good-luck

burubura says:

inspiring :)

LGLiveRadioVideos says:

also, what service do you use to print your weddings photos? what website? thanks again 😀

LGLiveRadioVideos says:

awesome video! what body are you using? it looks like a 5d?

BigGulp62 says:

Your my inspiration..

Seth Hansen says:

awesome video! what software did you use to do the effects at the first of the video? were there any pre-built templates you used, or was it all done from scratch?

John Sellers says:

Great job!!! Love it!!

dominiccole says:

what lens did you use at 1:07? the 16-35 2.8?

preettube18 says:

bride is gorgeous…

EnshongMiranda says:

Man, you guys are awesome. I hope I can be as good as you someday!

ronytexasranger says:

What is the lens do you use in the video at 0:27 to do your portrait ?

Pratik Bankar says:

mind blowing !!!

MakingTheMomentPhoto says:

hello - just the lens hood for the lens

MakingTheMomentPhoto says:

hello – just the lens hood for the lens

Postal112901 says:

Looks like a step up ring for a larger filter.

Varun Narayanan Kutty says:

at 2:19 what is attached to the front of your lens?

MakingTheMomentPhoto says:

real bride and groom – one of our clients from an actual wedding – thanks for the kind words!

jelmerth says:

great shoot. but, models or real bride and groom? she sometimes looks a little distrackted

hankerso8 says:

Good Job guys.

maksmazin says:

Wanna know it, too!
It’s a fuckin amazing book *.*

Johnny5liter says:

Beautiful bride!

Best Wedding Dances says:

Hi Brett,

We added your video to our ‘wedding photographers’ playlist. 😀

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