White Background Product Photo

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Behind the scenes on a small product shot. This style of shoot is quite standard for eshops which need product photos with a white background. This particular shot is a little tricky with a white product. Go to light-studio.blogspot.com for more information


milhem22 says:

Song ?..

tempxanga says:

wow! can you please tell us what song this is? it’s catchy.

Gennadiy Titkov says:

Overexposed a top of the item

Mohamed Ghuloom says:

Thank you for this.

69tubeB says:

Very useful technique for background and reflection. Thanks for sharing.

pritchardsorensen says:

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movadoband says:

Thank you I had the basic I dea but this made it look easy.

wolfheart1979 says:

Man, seriously, thumbs up!

n506 says:

Well you don’t have a hotshoe or any other method of triggering a radio trigger, so your only option is an optical trigger. This would rely on the camera’s onboard flash firing to trigger the slave flash. There can be a problem however because many cameras use a pre-flash to check exposure/white balance etc. This means the slave flash fires when it sees the pre-flash rather than the actual flash. “Smart slaves” (wein peanut?) detect the second flash and might be an option for you.

janiebolton says:

Brilliant tutorial! I’m a proper novice that needs to have product shots with a white background. Stupid me went & bought the Sharpics D-flector only after viewing this.
You can probably hear me cry.
I’ve just purchased a Fuji finepix S1730 but I can not find an external flash that works with it. What would you recommend?
Many thanks in advance for your help. p.s. if you want my D-Flector you are most welcome to it! I’ve used it for 2 hours & put it back in the box.

BarbieBillionaire says:


n506 says:

@300582228 Yep, you get various brands. This is one called a “Large Photography Clamp” from a company called Maplin (who sell it – not make it)

n506 says:

@300582228 Hot shoe? The only hot shoe is one the camera. If you mean what the flashguns are mounted on, you either mean a light stand or a photography clamp?

Scwirul says:

Thought the music was really good, nice choice!

MsAbenther says:

It is Awesome THX

jccdenver says:

Awesome. Thanks!

n506 says:

I believe it is commonly called foamcore board or something along that line. Go to an art store and you’ll find the stuff. Usually in packs of either white or black, but possibly other colours too (never seen anything else though).

jccdenver says:

What material are you using under the speaker? Is it just white cardboard? It looks like it has some reflection to it. . .

JackknifeJohnny says:

That was sensational. Thankz.

JeffNikon says:


PhotoRoadTrip says:

Thanks for the video, really helpful.

n506 says:

The camera triggers the flashes optically using a mini infra-red flash fitted to the camera.

TheImpersinators says:

how did u take the pictuer at exactly the same time as the flash !!

Newshamhk says:

wow!! excellent result. well done. thank you very much for sharing. it is definitely extremely valuable knowledge for e-commerce online sellers. and yes alos thanks youtube too…!!

n506 says:

Thank goodness the other 14,358 viewers didn’t comment about the music, or I’d have been busy replying! Glad you were able to muster the energy to hit the mute button, and hopefully you enjoyed the video after doing so…

Chita Jing says:

Thank GOD for the ability to turn off the anxious, thumping music. No need for it, distracting, added nothing.

Eric Williams says:

I personally like the product shot at 2:16 the best.

n506 says:

If you get a white card, light it with your flash only (no other significant sources) and take the photograph with either flash or daylight white balance. If you’re getting something significantly yellow appearing, then check first that your software isn’t changing the white balance settings to warm them. If that’s fine, then the only other thing is that your screen needs calibrated.

Does my photograph appear white? If so, you want to look at what’s warming the white balance in your software!

socalcrown says:

I have always considered that. But to my eyes it sure looks yellow. I have a good process in photoshop to make the background white but thats cheating. I like the way you did it better. I will keep crackin at it and let you know.

n506 says:

Just shoot with daylight white balance and it’ll match your flashes pretty well. Some cameras have a flash setting as well, which might improve white balance results a touch.

I always shoot raw which means I can do a slight warm or cool, and a slight tint change if necessary.

Have you considered the possibility there’s nothing wrong with your camera settings, but your monitor needs calibrated to display the images correctly?

socalcrown says:

what did you use to white balance. i am getting similar results to you but with gray or yellow tints.

Thank you in advanced.

Wolfytrot says:

Oh man that would make it so much easier to Photoshop images with a solid white background like that. When you crop out immages normaly the backgrounds makes the edges funky, but THAT would be perfect.

n506 says:

You could probably get an old-ish flash for that, but you’d be unlikely to get manual power controls for that price, and even if you did, you’d need some way to fire it. Only option would be a sync cord and adapter to go at that price. Something like an old “other” brand flash – sunpak or something – not a nikon etc. would be the only option for the price you’re talking.

n506 says:

Any flashes will do provided you have a method of triggering them off camera. I use Canon 550EX and 580EX flashes (fired by ST-E2 transmitter). If you’re a Nikon user, you’ll find the SB-800 a very good flash.

There’s no need to switch off the lights because your flashes are over-powering household lights. Just avoid direct sunlight.

semfoster says:


thanks so much very interested on the flash items you used. if i req to purchase what should i be looking for also is it called a paticular name? do you switch all lights off as well to get that effect.

thanks for the vids

n506 says:

If you have manual power settings on the flash, it’s down to what you set them at. If you give me more details about your setup, I’ll happily try to help you out further.

Either way, you can always stop the camera down beyond what your 540ez will have in power, so the flash shouldn’t be the problem.

This video was also a multi-flash setup with two flashguns used. Perhaps you’re trying to use reflectors and not really getting enough light on the product without too much flash power?

rama8888 says:

Tried to do this using 540ez but the result sorta overexpose. Is it the flash u think?

n506 says:

It’s an mp3 I came across yonks ago on the net and liked. Just a dance mix. I hope nobody is upset I used it though! :S

Sorry I don’t have any name…the mp3 file doesn’t have any attached info on it and I can’t remember where it was I got it.

dyu1 says:

Great tips! What’s the song in this video?

rama8888 says:

Very informative. Thank you for sharing.

luc500500 says:

Wow! Great video and tips. I really appreciate you posting the video!

n506 says:

Sorry, clicked to post the comment and then realised the second part hadn’t been answered. Reflector boards can be found at your local art supply or office supply store. Around £5-10 for a pack of 5 A3 size ones, depending where you shop. If you find a good art supply store, you can find some big whack ones up to A2 or A1 size. They’re quite expensive though, and generally not much use unless you have big subjects to shoot.

n506 says:

Check below for the answer – an ST-E2 transmitter. Could use a 550/580EX if I wanted to, but the ST-E2 is smaller and more convenient.

neodelphi says:

thanks excellent, question. do you use your camera flash to trigger the slaves? also where I can buy the reflector boards and how much each? thanks a lot.

Chilo Ramirez says:

Thanks a lot! Please keep posting those helpfull videos!! And may you have a Happy New year!!!

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