Canon EOS – Portraiture Shooting Photography Tutorial with Chris Budgeon

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Learn how to take a portrait photograph with Canon Photographer, Chris Budgeon in this portrait photography tutorial. Chris provides portraiture shooting tips and talks about his EOS Photo5 2010 brief. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at


CanonAustralia says:

Hi there – practice, practice, practice. The EF 50mm f/1.8 is what photographers usually start with with regards to portrait photography. Once you find your own photography style, you’ll start to get more comfortable with portrait photography and put your subjects at ease, bringing out their natural character for you to photograph.

msgeowizme says:

Hey CanonAustralia! I’m quite green to photography, and I’m using a Canon Rebel T3 ( I thinks it’s the 5500D in Europe). My basic question is: does a lens with a higher aperture (like the Canon 50mm f/1.8) make better portraits? Also, what is the one thing that would really help my portait photography?

CanonAustralia says:

We believe it’s called a warm tone. That’s why photographers love to shoot in the “golden hour” – it gives subjects a warm/golden tone. You can then undersaturate the photograph to achieve the look in 1:38. Hope it helps. Cheers, the Canon team.

Anthony Tran says:

I LOVE the color tone of the picture at 1:38. Does anyone know how to achieve this kind of color tone in lightroom or photoshop? I’d love to know, thanks!

startphotography says:

Don’t listen to anyone who gives you criticism, this is great!

GSXRMarshall says:


COM101JCU says:

Great video, great tips. One thing distracts, however: the music keeps repeating in the background, and it does not “go” with what he is saying – maybe in future just let the photographer talk? Thanks for really useful hints and suggestions anyway!

BonusVideoView says:

Useful tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more videos & tips.

photolovea1 says:

Great video!! Thanks very helpful tips (:

playstationfreak2598 says:

1:06 … love that picture!

CanonAustralia says:

The gum is part of our annual EOS Photo5 competition for that particular year. Cheers, the Canon team.

CanonAustralia says:

Glad that you like the video. Thanks, the Canon team.

zergox says:

This is a bit like the Nikon Australia videos, only with more useful information and far less pushing a particular product. Excellent work.

CanonAustralia says:

It’s diaphragm. Cheers, the Canon team.

stchristoph2000 says:

1:24 diameter?

daSenfgurke says:

ah ok, thanks ^^

CanonAustralia says:

Ah right – this video is actually a guide on how to shoot photographs for one of our contests. And the gum has to be in the picture as part of the challenge. Cheers

daSenfgurke says:

2:44 what does he mean, having a gum in the portrait?

CanonAustralia says:

what do you mean? Can you please elaborate?

daSenfgurke says:

whats up with this gum? i dont get it.

UnitedByPhotography says:

Some really great useful tips about portraiture.

SnapHappyChappy says:

Thanks Chris excellent dialogue.

Nebelvir123987 says:

Love this channel! Very helpful!

eeveryoneelse says:

This was really helpful! Loads of good tips 🙂

shaddowofadream says:

Great video/tutorial, thanks for sharing with us 🙂

memorilife says:

Great info, and great pictures…..

Matt Estrada says:

all these videos are really great! thanks for sharing ^_^



Wesley Snipes says:

man ur pics are spectacular, keep up the good work

xexodusx says:

He needs to come take my picture ; )

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