Photography Tutorial – FIRST Lesson! What is Aperture ? Basic DSLR Photography Lesson for Beginners

or copy the link (Budget Equipment) Photography Tutorial & Tips – A detailed Photography Tutorial on “Aperture” with picture samples. This lesson is very basic and important for beginners. Important Notes: f/2 = bigger aperture (more light coming in) Perfect for blown up background f/12 = smaller aperture (less light coming in) Suitable for big groups or landscape photography where you want everything to be sharp. If you feel you learned something new today, please RATE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. Until next time, keep Clicking!


Majid E. Qarras says:

Thnx for the video its really well explained

Del Phillips says:

Thank you so much!

TubeKnow says:

thanks for the detailed vid man.

semiblind1 says:

Thank you.

burburrys says:

Your video was very detailed and it helped me alot! Please keep it coming..

Terry Hunsaker says:

This is a great video. Finally someone who explains things in common language instead of photo-lingo.

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Andy, watch my video Manual vs Aperture mode. I explained in detail the difference.

andywatkins90 says:

Good video. My question, what is the advantage or why would you pick manual settings over say on a canon AV setting? Is it just for more experienced photographers?


Awesome infos

rosildinhaminque says:

Excelent! Finally I really learned this story of aperture and focus! Great contribution! Thanks!

Naresh Ravuru says:

good video. informative.

Ben F. says:

Thanks I am a beginner and this makes since. 🙂

muslin backdrops says:

This tutorial is so much useful to me.. May you keep this up!

TrueKnuckleSandwich says:

Subbed you! You videos are very helpful for someone brand new to DSLR

Robin Thomas says:

Wow.. this helped me to understand something…

gogivedirector says:

Great tutorial. I’m looking forward to viewing more.

raw5237 says:

Great basic tutorial for beginners! Thank you.

AlyssaheheAwesome says:

I’ve learned more about photography in one of your videos than I have in 4 others. Thank you so much; will defiantly be watching more!

jaydy11 says:

I just got a Canon T3 and it’s fantastic. If you have more money then I did, I recommend the Canon T3i, or the Nikon D3100, D3200 or the D5100.. All great cameras for the price.

extremeuser3 says:

12:30 OMG! how can you bent your finger like that! it looks like you just stopped at its breaking point..


can u suggest me a DSLR under 700$….plzz replyy!!!! not more than 700

tddot1 says:

Good tutorial!

wrightbaileya says:

good video it helped a lot!

mikelennonn says:

I have to take a photograph class for uni, i learned more in this 10 minute video than i did in my 6 hour class. I subbed :D!!

Futuremixtv says:


oscarrggh says:

Hi, thanks for your really simple guide on Aperture. One question, I am using Canon 550D right now, and there is no such f stops 2.8. I do always try to minimize the stops, but it is only f stops 3.5 max. Cannot lower than that. Would you please explain that to me? Thanks.

Ceren Beder says:

when I control the aperture as in when i put it down to the lowest, the shutter speed increases so it takes longer for the photo to be taken and so the whole image is blurry, how do I stop this from happening? is it down to the lens I’m using?

ranchgoddess says:

I FINALLY GOT IT!!! I’ve seen many tutorials on F stops and your’s I completely understood!! Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to see the rest of your’s! My Nikon D5100 is coming in a couple of days and I just want to break into the UPS place and get it NOW!! Thanks again!!

Makaveli pac says:

should i buy d5100 or t4i im new and it is my first camera so … i dont know but i want it for stll photos more than videos …. plz help

PhotographersOnUTube says:

Sorry but it’s not a good idea to make a 30 minute FIRST lesson video and cream 10 things in there. That’s where most teachers lose the audience by going off track. Baby steps are important in teaching specially on a beginner level. There is already a very in depth tutorial on depth of field.

ryan hara Permana says:

I think you have to relate the apperture to dof to give the clear reason why the pepsi bottle be blur.thanks

mgiametta says:

Great information!



Douglas De Ford says:

Good job!

Peachy9400 says:

Thanks for posting this video, it has really helped me alot. Understanding aperture is my biggest problem but I think I actually get it after watching your video.

gelai1986 says:


Lisaj4431 says:

I just bought a Nikon 5100 because of you!!!

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