Three-Point Lighting for Portrait Photography

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An overview of a classic three-point lighting setup used in portrait photography. Learn a lot more about photography by signing up for my free newsletter!


Ed Verosky says:

Yes as long as it’s strong enough to record at the current camera settings. Otherwise, you’ll have to use a longer shutter speed to allow the continuous light to show up.

Subaro0o says:

can the backlight be a continuous light source?

Kumar Pinku says:

Like it

Ed Verosky says:

The backlight can be an identical strobe to the other lights, but I often use it without a modifier (no umbrella).

petenicezz says:

Whats the equipment use for the backlight

Argle Bargle says:

To. The. Point. Easy to understand and follow. I learned. Excellent videos!

Steven Scholten says:

I use a regular flash zoomed to max and with a piece of black paper (elastic band) as a snoot.just aim it at the head and experiment a bit with power.

Steven Scholten says:

I realy love these videos. With an addition of information on flash power, they would be perfect!
Would LOVE to see more.

perfectnoise77 says:

تصرفك هذا يدل على مدى سذاجتك

petenicezz says:

what type of backlight can i buy

musicgu7 says:

Good tut! Quick question, what software did you use to make the tut?

Nino Urushadze says:

Have a question: What an essenciall meaning does have the stuff of background used the time of studio portrait photography?

Heather Williams says:

thank you, great teacher!

muhammed al-mikhlafi says:

actuallly i liked the video and it’s great 1… thank u for the tips… i just press dislike button to be the only 1 who dislike xD 😛

AshtonPhoto says:

Great CG.

petenicezz says:

can a 500 watts bulb be use with umbrella lighting

veeresh veeru says:



great video

ornino54 says:

good very simple but very explicit keep rocking bro

jun ling says:

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Abey ig says:

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john mckenzie says:


cp24eva says:

Also, for good rental equipment to try a setup try googling lensrentals. I can’t post the link for some reason, but do it and try the .com site

cp24eva says:

Nice video. Very direct and informative.

Hussain AlMarkhi says:

So helpful Thanks

Anggie Harygustia says:

Keep on creating, Brother. Thanks, it’s so helpful.

Sue Mchats says:

thanks you very much this really helps

Angel Salazar says:

I think this visual videos are the best way to learn. Thanks for showing

PhuNguyen88 says:

i understand with all the set ups but too sad not enough money to buy some lol

Cameron Hood says:

Fantastic, and no blathering! Straight to the point…very nice, and thanks!

Jerry Hughes says:

Very professional!

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