Fashion Photo Shoot- Jaclyn Poole ANTM- Emily Soto Photography

or copy the link PS Actions available at Behind the scenes of the photo shoot “Snow White” for SUGARKISS Magazine Model Jaclyn Poole (America’s Next Top Model 16) with Models International Hair and Makeup: Christine Gamalinda Designer: Kenneth Barlis Photography: Emily Soto


Алина Ражикова says:

What lens do you use? Wonderful photos!!!! wow……

QuagliaE says:

Great work, very stylish indeed. Enrico.

Charlotteraz says:

Love your videos! they inspire me! What is that thing called when you want to take your lights outdoors and you need something to plug them into?

Shamir Guerrero says:

Love this video! and love the pictures! What lens do you use? or which lens would you recommend as an absolute favorite?

sadeclanton1121 says:

Would love 2 shoot with you one day!

Len Tookie says:

what song is it??

lilyannzhang says:

Loved Jaclyn on antm! Can’t believe they eliminated her 🙁

ChocoBitter1 says:


disruptfam says:

amazing shots!

Emily Soto says:

I had mine customized to fit the Alien Bee

Carlos martinez says:

Emily can you tell me plz, what you are using to hold you allien bee to you beauty dish Thanks

OneMusicOneDirection says:

Omg! Jaclyn is soo gorgeous! Your photos r amazing! How is work with her?

Maher Alasady says:

Is there country? yemen foto fashion 15000000
awald khbah alholandyhn (voetball )

souwaon says:

Beautiful ! I wonder if you use any filters, Emily? It looks quite different from nature colour. I love this tone.

CosmicLuminosEnergy says:


TheNorcalshooter says:

Hey Emily, One Question, How do you get away with using ITunes Music ??? I thought it was a NO NO to use it, Thanks Michael, Love the Videos

Fung Cheryl says:


fado tabbah says:

what lsn does he use

cre8tivity06 says:

What were your camera settings?

Andres Conejo says:

Does she use a portable battery or what? I also want to know this!

oscar Medina says:

Qe lente es el q estas usando en estas tomas ????? Saludos desde Venezuela

najiatwa01 says:

Hey Emily! Love you work! I was wondering how hard you normally have to push that b1600…typically how long does one battery last you?

Tina Pelech says:


aquaphotoboy says:

Oh Emily!!! you are the best of the best! thanks so much for sharing! huge fan of your work

Andres Conejo says:

totally beautiful! How do you give power to your Alienbees flash? Do u have a portable battery or something? 🙂

Emily Soto says:

Thank you!

Emily Soto says:

it is an Alien Bee 1600 mounted on a mola setti beauty dish

007onlytaller says:

Look at Obe Wan getting involved there! Use the iPhone Luke……. Stunning as usual Madam.

jennXP says:

Beautiful. It really cheers me up watching your videos. Makes me wish it was summer already!

Dima Kokil says:

Beautiful very beautiful. I only begin to try to take pictures and want to ask, How is the model of this flash named, where it can be purchased?

Emily Soto says:

thanks for the feedback!

Emily Soto says:

Canon 7D

Emily Soto says:

thank you!

Emily Soto says:

Thanks for watching! 🙂

Emily Soto says:

Thank you! :)

Emily Soto says:


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