Flash photography tip (Aperture)

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dombowerphoto.blogspot.com Aperture is a great way to control flash. the smaller the aperture the less flash light can get into the camera. Ifyou enjoy my photography related videos please post them on your facebook page and let others know about this channel, To keep up to date Please join the facebook fan page www.facebook.com twitter page twitter.com flickr account www.flickr.com


Loretta Owens says:

Morning! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My buddy Brian made some unbelivable pics with their video tutorials.

MrAcornBurrka says:

More flash photography vids man! Subbed!!!

Jane Hutty says:

Thank you I finally got it after weeks of surfing for help, I found your explanation so simple,,cheers

35ViRuZ35 says:

great vid

4Alpha7Kilo says:

I can’t help but think what the neighbors are thinking…. AHH INDOOR LIGHTNING STORM!?

ArcanePath360 says:

Perhaps so that novices know to select flash if they are attaching a flash, as it may not be instinctive to select daylight with a flash

blackxthink says:

yeah i know but you understand what i mean.

It’s not the best way to change your flash power if you lose some focus area :/.

by the way it’s so hard to say the aperture and large number right 🙁 (i understand how it works but when i talk about it, i sound like a mess lol)

mobil11 says:

Aperture and iso are affecting everything on image. Speed just background and flash power just forgraund. ???

Shuttleworth68 says:

Hi Dom, could you perhaps do a video to explain what people mean when they talk about flash aperture settings, e.g. they have the flash set to f/4 for the background and f/5.6 for the subject. I think I understand it but it’d be nice to have a clear explanation, a lot of sites just assume you know what they are talking about!

naturalherb says:

thanks! I learnt alot from this vid

w0ble says:

Focus area gets smaller when you make the aperture larger. Making the aperture smaller (small hole) would make the focus area larger. Larger aperture = smaller number, small aperture = larger number.

ho444444ney says:

wow that was very helpful … thanx

BLEURfangers says:

…I’m learning so much at the University of Dom — thank you!


aciddevil says:

You are awesome my friend…please keep the Flash tips coming…Since I feel that I have to work on my Flash Photography, (my weak-point) your tips are priceless

Thank You

nate42nd says:

Good vid. Aperture will also affect DOF and diffraction among other stuff. It can get complicated but very good look at what you are trying to tell us. Keep up the great stuff an!

edgarbarradaskate says:

excellent video Dom.. thanks for the tips..**Perfect for a quick fix on brightness control**.. but we still have to go and change the flash power if we want to keep the aperture the same.

Fasolxxx says:


blackxthink says:

but the focus area get smaller if you take your aperture smaller ? (f1.8 for exemple)

V2SkiLLz0R says:

Good one Dom! The laster image actually looked kind of cool.

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