GIMP Tutorial: 3D Spherical Text Effect

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Get GIMP 2.8 Color Codes blue sphere: 7cb2ff green sphere: 3fe07b pink sphere: da7cab yellow-orange: ffc45a red sphere: df3e49 background: c0b3d8 shadows: 4e3d6a recorded and edited in: CamStudio VirtualDub Audacity


Obeys MyMindlessness says:

Well the layer groups were in mine and I have 2.6 O_o

GoldDemonDragon says:

I have this yellow and black / blue and black outlines around the layer i choose for some reason, how do i remove them?

GoldDemonDragon says:

Why are there no more text effects? i love your videos!

Richard Tyrholm says:

Very,very nice,easy to follow,concise,Greg’s idea is awesome I will try it .

EverBadDesigns says:

Hey guys If you could do me a huge favour and check out my channel- I will be doing tutorials on how to make avatars, backgrounds, wallpapers, effects and a lot of other things! So drop me a subscription and i will love you forever!
~EBD~ (btw I do free avatars for practicing my techniques, so don’t hesitate to ask.)

AnimalLovers626 says:

Awesome! 😀

jennifer le lotte says:

this is awesome! 😀 im so gonna try it now

Nicolás Perondi says:

great tutorial man, thank you very much, it’s so easy the way you explain it

monsoonami says:

Sure: just use the map object filter as shown in this video, but apply it to a layer with a photo/image on it instead of a layer with text on it. You will want to crop the photo to be a square first.

Greg Thompson says:

Is it possible to wrap a shere in a picture?

Robert Hall says:

Just finished your lesson and great job !! was able to follow along easy and mine turned out nice on the first go..cheers 🙂

pinkyoshib says:


monsoonami says:

Yep. You just won’t have the convenience of layer groups in 2.6.

pinkyoshib says:

This still works on Gimp 2.6 o:

monsoonami says:

Yes, as long as you’re using gimp (preferably gimp 2.8).

Cherine tong says:

Will this work for Macs as well?

BenCanSnipe says:

Really helpful, I doubt I’d had found this new feature without the video.

monsoonami says:

Have a look at 3:30 again. I pointed out that you will need to choose Sphere in the “Map to” dropdown menu.

stephania vergara says:

when i select map to object my letter G does not appear as a little ball it looks plane, as it looks before the map to object. i already tried several times. and i have the gimp 2.8, what can it be?

eljay808 says:

I think the text color is the same as the background.

Ya93sin says:

You know what, this is brilliant, was searching for a clear and precise tutorial on how to make a sphere. I’m a complete novice, never used the software, yet came out with great results. A big THANK YOU!

ghace deghace says:

hey can u make cristal ball text ? then u make tutorial

monsoonami says:

please read the annotation at 10:47

monsoonami says:

make sure the move tool is set to “move the active layer” and make sure you have the layer group selected in your layers tab

ghace deghace says:

well , we have the same problem

ghace deghace says:

help me , i duplicate group layer , i cant move group layer i have to move one by one .

MrFSNTv says:

Check this! Magic in Gimp /watch?v=rFycS_vPDoI

Иван Сидоров says:

How to Make animated Pop Up for photo in Gimp ???
As here -

monsoonami says:

What do you mean? When you try to type something, nothing appears?

terri48ify says:

how come i can’t see my text?

ja906 says:

Fantastic tutorial! I just downloaded GIMP 2.8 (from 2.6) and I’m going to put this info to use! Thanks for posting!

dbreardon says:

Dude, you rock! I’ve used a couple of your techniques in a project or two I have worked on for my students. I appreciate all your effort in putting this information up on YouTube!

11schubert says:

First time I used groups among other things. I learned a lot. Thanks.

KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

Now layers are not staying with the group again ><

KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

Ahh-Ha I got it! layers weren’t linked!!

KuDeGrasBonVoyage says:

Great tutorial! Very easy for my noob brain to understand! Props to you for breaking it down.
On a side note:
I am having a problem with moving all the layers after duplicating the group… It looks like it moves only the sphere layer,but in your tut they all moved together? I’m running 2.8 newest version ,cant seem to figure out what I’m doing different.

leafblaze623 says:

I wonder how big of a file I need to spell “supercalifragilisticexpiallydocious”

Michael c says:

it would be cool to add engrave on the spheres like with “GIMP” have each layer engraved into the spheres could you do a tutorial on how to do that please? and thanks for the vids also you can inbox me on how if its a simple step or two

monsoonami says:

Yeah, I know. I actually did reduce the noise some already though, haha.

JustDMarie says:

I just started using GIMP and for my zoom there is limited options. Is there a way to only zoom in/out a tiny bit, or do I have to deal with what’s there?

Liliana212 says:

Yes, exactly. I’ve already solved the problem, sorry for spam 🙂 Everything is ok, I tried to change colour on wrong layer.

monsoonami says:

I don’t understand. Are you saying you can’t change the color of the layer after you duplicate the layer group? What exactly did you try to do, and what happened when you tried to do it?

Liliana212 says:

Huh… nice tutorial, but tell me, what should I do if I cant colour the background with copied layers? I just cannot do this… I dont know why, I did everything like you and it doesnt work oO

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