Gimp Tutorial – Clone Photomanipulation

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Sorry for the long delay – Marriage, Emigration, New Job…life forbids YouTubing! — I’m trialing a new piece of video editing software too…let me know what you think. A link to the free version of the screen capture software I’m using now:


yengilee28 says:

that was nice, i never new that, thanks alot. that was very helpful.

Theo Valentine says:

Perfect. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, kind sir.

Brenda Darling says:


Daniel Gómez says:

Very good, excellent! I will try do it. Thank you.

jayreallyis says:

What size frame are you using because the frame I’m using seems to be to small for all my images

Vilakho Khwükha says:

its great, thankyou

BS Crew says:


Pritesh Prajapati says:

what if i have 4 or 5 layer?
do i have to use same thing

Vaughn Milian says:

Thank you! Very grateful for this.

Jake Alexander says:

The tutorial was great. I put two of my pictures so it looks like they are facing one another and their hands are touching! I couldn’t have found a better tutorial

vince maraya says:

pattern 500+ 😀

vince maraya says:

i have now 2000+ brushes 😀

Heniek loska says:


Peter Pedersen says:

My thoughts exactly!!!

TheYannik1983 says:

Superb!! Thank you so much :))

isolanni says:

Terrific video!! You are a great teacher. I love it that you show close ups of the Gimp screen so that we can see Exactly what you are doing on each step. Thanks So much for sharing your expertise (and for Not putting music in the background).

Molly B says:

Such a big help..thaaannnkkkss..

Snoep76239 says:

Great tutorial! Vet easy to follow and understand. For an encore, do (NYC’s) Grand Central Station at rush hour with hundreds of clones of yourself…. 🙂

Andy Laidlaw says:

Great tutorial..and not rushed like some others on YT…Thanks

ePRTN says:

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sapphireangels7 says:


john403dl says:

i did it came out good but i always have trouble geting to save in jpg so i can post it help

Mrepiclykindofawesom says:

Why can’t tutorials in youtube be this good?
thank you! this helped alot!

Salitance says:

Just save it as a .png file( to do this, go to file, then export, a window that’s similar to the save window will pop up and after you name the file, put .png after it, then click export,). You’ll be able to upload this onto facebook, imgur, etc. Hope this helped.

Chelledncrespo says:

I have a question how would you send this to facebook or instagram, & how would i email this picture ?

helene liknes says:

how do u get up “layers“ ?

CxJaden says:

you skipped a part 

Frasier Smith says:

Thanks for another excellent tutorial. Directions were well explained and to the point. Please keep the Gimp tutorials coming.

mufceire says:

Great video and very informative. You have just earned another subscriber and I look forward to your future uploads! Cheers.

DoctorStalker1 says:

Had the mirror been lower, you could’ve had 5 reflections of yourself for added realism.

DoctorStalker1 says:

I have always wondered how to “erase” parts of an image without destroying the image data. The image mask technique should save me from totally screwing up my edits. Thanks!

HSM123ROX says:

can’t you just blend two pictures in together?

JerichoCasio says:

When I erase it just shows me white like I am erasing everything. It doesent just go trough to show me the next picture. Please please please help

Nokturvras says:

When you’re pasting the layer on to the new image. I find it easier to just click “paste as” and then then select “layer”

lilmizzie1 says:

where is the layers dialog box?!

whiteranger79 says:

how do we save into a jpeg?

Erkyon Mar says:

the first coment says: i dont know what did you say but nice… XD I SPEAK BOTH LANGUAGES

Erkyon Mar says:

the first coment says: i dont know what did you say but nice… XD I SPEAK BOTH LANGUAGES

Erkyon Mar says:

the first coment says: i dont know what did you say but nice… XD I SPEAK BOTH LANGUAGES

forresterompojf31KF says:

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suckittomcat says:

Malglin, are you aware that as the uploader, you can delete any of these comments?
You guys have free software and this gentleman has spent hours creating tutorials for you and is not getting paid for it. Please refrain from petty criticisms. ‘nuf said.

kaIistro says:

What program you use to record your screen?

NerdMonkey42 says:

I don’t know if anyone’s answered your question yet, but the best way to stop that is just to resize the photo. I get that all the time, so I just resize by something like one pixel x and y. The background will be perfectly transparent after that.

droidomz says:

he said he doesn’t know what you said but its cool. Chido = cool .

image012 says:

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cookiecasper says:

he/she said they don’t understand, but cool 😛

tresflip says:

really, really, really good!!!! Very straight forward and brilliant close ups of what you are doing, great explanation, best tutorial I have seen. I have subscribed. Brilliant dude, brilliant!! Keep it up!! Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your knowledge!

hotcookie000 says:

I can translate what MarieDopee said I think.. ‘Hey look man you didn’t even show the hole damn thing you showed a little bit like wtf’ maybe reffering to editing the video down?

cashacasha says:

fuck u gringo u much bla bla bla

blimeychump says:

I don’t have that layer box thing!!! Help!!

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