GIMP Tutorial: Glossy Metal 3D Text

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final image: pattern: (that page has instructions for installing the pattern) font: how to install fonts: GIMP is an open source (free) image editing program with many of the same features as Adobe Photoshop. This video was recorded and edited with the following free programs: CamStudio Audacity VirtualDub


TheTNTSnake says:


HNFAlone says:

How do I open the toolbox options?
I’ve got the toolbox but not the options

hotlips4000isback2 says:

Thak you, it looks great even if it takes a while to follow the vid and get it spot on! 🙂

Dominiikz says:

Ohhhh thaaank you so much (bit late response but better late than never :))

Delphine Zhu says:

at 5:28, after move text layer on top of three black layers exactly as what you demo in the video, the text color didn’t turn to white as yours, what could be wrong? I use gimp 2.8

Cornylegomovies says:

Not workin… :/

Bryan Esic says:

can i choose a normal font ?

jetro949 says:

thank you

Salmoresa says:

I have done about 4-5 of these so far, I hope to be able to do them off by heart, otherwise I have to keep watching the video 🙂

AnimalLovers626 says:

In Gimp 2.8, when I do the last gradient color, it colors the outline and not the actual text…

95Titanium says:

Thanks! I made a nice logo for myself and I will start to add it on my next vids 🙂
Nice tutorial!

monsoonami says:

Which other patterns are you referring to? I have a couple patterns available for download in my deviantART gallery.

Tiến Hoàng Đinh says:

Thank so much!! 😡
Excuse me! Can you give me your all pattern.!! or some of them! 😀
If can, thanks thankssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! 🙂

xquizitebeats music says:

Thank you so much. This is awesome!

BiscuitCookieHD says:

How come I cant get his pattern to work it does fade into the background like his does

HEYPRESTO2010 says:

Look at my channel for 3D text in REAL LIFE PHOTO’s!!!!


realfex says:

Great! Ill definitely try that out

CONartistLAT says:

Thank you! This was really helpfull.

XcerptShow says:

Good video! I just dont like the font. lol

Honza Jones says:

you got to change your Layers Mode from Soft Light,back to normal.Thats all!!

Honza Jones says:

hi.I had the same problem.You have to change the option LAYERS MODE from soft light back to normal.That will fix your problem.

TheHagsy says:

Awesome, that is one of the best tutorials i have ever seen .
Two thumbs up.  m/ m/

michalszewczuk says:

Same here, when I press with it it just does nothing at all, HELP!

Marcel Berkien says:

Thank you for this great tutorial, with very clear instructions on “how”. I really appreciate the easy pace of your explanations. I did manage to follow along and it turned out more than okay!

1991KingCrimson says:

That was awesome, Good tutorial man. Some people skip the little stuff and i get lost. Good stuff man!

1991KingCrimson says:

Thank you, did not have it either!

Aniket klair says:

thanks u r the best gimp user i know i ow u 1

nodirthouse says:

Thanks for the help!

TakaroJaniGT says:

I like it. Thanks:)

Clumation says:

Thanks this was so cool!

TutorialDutch says:

Wauw, this tutorials is really awesome! It worked out just fine for me 😉 I made it my initials: MMS. Thnx 😉

monsoonami says:

free (and open source)
See the link in the description if you want to try it out.

Michael Gutierrez-Diaz says:

Is GIMP a free or paid software?

monsoonami says:

Look in the Windows > Dockable Dialogs menu.

Axarator says:

i havint got the toolbox with the layers

monsoonami says:

Well, you’ll need to start by exporting the image (File>Export) using an appropriate file-type such as .png, .jpg, or .gif.

monsoonami says:

There are multiple drop-down menus in GIMP that can be set to Soft Light. Make sure you changed the one in the Layers dialog box, not in the Tool Options.

Dominiikz says:

Hey i installed the pattern and it works i dit on new layer but when i set it to soft light it doesnt work help i use the newest gimp 🙁

Larry Wheeless says:

OMG. Check out the “interactive transcript”. At 2:11 “moodle hadn’t slept my number chaos electoral discovers boxes” LOL!

Changbangers says:

you are brilliant. thank you so much. I am subscribing. You are the Myiagi of GIMP.

monsoonami says:

You can find the Toolbox again through the Windows menu.

MrDjCrazyCunt says:

All I did was close gimp and now the tools on the far left have gone where you select background colours and stuff…HELP?

maximum1978 says:

This is really cool!

wayne twomey says:

Cheers mate this tutorial helped alot

TDTChrome says:

No one does good ones. Your voice is very clear and you know what your taking about. I don’t want some 7 year old kid on photoshop telling me how to make something.

monsoonami says:

Really? Last time I checked, there were about a million YouTube background tutorials.

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