Joe Rogan spoofing fashion photographers

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Joe Rogan (as Bruce Testones) spoofing fashion photographers from VH1 Fashion Awards. Made by Crossroads Films … directed by Russell Bates. If you want to download the clip go to


James M says:

damn he is hot! I hear he has a huge hog!

MrMeepmoop says:

Who do you love?.. NO ME! ME! OVER HERE!!

letsgotowar666 says:

haha awesome!

ecdctech says:

Well he was sexy

Holly Gordon says:

I agree… love the ass shot!

beckababyboo says:

he really does have a nice ass!

maynunal2 says:

of course he don’t have;s digital;-)

2012singularity2012 says:

You can press a button…

RewdAwakening says:

Rose McGowan?

Holly Gordon says:

Some of this is so accurate! I’m a photographer, so I can say that. LOL

CaptCanuck4444 says:

Joe Rogan is now a UFC commentator full time. He doesn’t look like that anymore!

ttannerf says:

This is hilarious. Joe’s epic.

Raphael Olivier says:

actually he was just in a movie so arguably still is an actor.

nightsaint1989 says:

Ever head of Newsradio, Joe was an actor.

Raphael Olivier says:

lmao joe should of been an actor he has an all around great personality

patmy6 says:

Joe rogan easily the funniest Dude alive!!!

Glutamine77 says:

where di you find this?? when was this shot? joe looks sooo young in this

Glutamine77 says:

haaaaaaaaa! epic!!

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