Off Camera Flash

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Join Bob Harrington as he will show you six different lighting scenarios that are designed to improve your work using an off-camera flash. Bob Harrington’s Blog Light Stands Radio Slave Systems


contactsurajlama says:

Hi FallenKain, just wanna share a trick. If you move your light higher then your subject probably 3-4 feets you can eliminate those glare of your subjects glasses.
I hope you find it helpfull.

Brian Geoghegan says:

Brilliant video, It will be a great help to me with my photography, easy to understand and very well explained, it is a lot easier than reading about it , when you can see it being carried out it is great, thank for everything, Brian from Ireland.

Anthony Nnaji says:

Great video, Thanks

Domwrstlr says:

Great video but I do have to agree with Joshua Westbrook. FFS, audience, shut up asking questions until the end of the presentation like you were asked to. Bob Harrington has the patience of a saint, he’d start to get into his stride on the subject and then some inane, pointless ‘technical’ question about aperture or shutter speed he was using. Not many yoga experts there eh? “Relax, and forget everything”  Just go with it, don’t get hung up on the details of his particular set up!

Joshua Westbrook says:

people in the audience annoy me. save your questions for the end!!!!!!!!!!!1 like he said. great video, and great patience shown by mr harrington. great advice and tips. thank you!!

YN WA says:

Again very well explained with so easy examples of using 1 flash and getting so much out of it.

siscopiso says:

cant believe I just watched a 1hr56min video. truly inspiring and informative. in the beginning I hated the guy but loved his style the more I watched!!

lhabia says:

The People didn’t hear that the questions should be after the demonstration. demmet!

alzzy101 says:

Her face at 43:56 made me laugh so much. Why am I so immature.

RellyOhBoy says:

Love the workshop. Hate the Q&A throughout. People are always eager to ask questions but its disruptive to the workflow.

morgantey says:

waw this video is really awesome. Bob you are a true legend. You made off flash soo easy to use. Many thx. Searching for more of your awesome videos.

allycat360 says:

Great, found this video reallllly i am like a little kid wanting all the equipment lol..

IstoryangPagibig says:

Thanks for this vid, I have learned alot however he doesn’t seem to be that enthusiastic when teaching people because he sighs alot. Hahaha. But again, thank you very much B&H.

andy mcwatters says:

great vid learned loads thank you

crookedshoe says:

Yes i must say great video learned a lot today, 2 thumbs up

gnuton81 says:

Nice guy and great video! Thanks Bob!

BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:


As the class was just a small demonstration, not all aspects of lighting could be covered in one sitting. For this reason, using resources such as “Light Science & Magic” is recommended.

FallenKain says:

Just curious why it wasn’t mentioned as an option, and checking to make sure it actually was a valid option. Of course I suppose it depends on how much of the specular reflection is actually polarized light. Sorry, that’s my “Light Science & Magic” coming through! Thanks for these tutorials, they’re fantastic, helpful, and I really enjoy them!

BHPhotoVideoProAudio says:


A Polarizer has two functions, 1. Saturating color by the reduction of glare and air haze. and 2. Eliminating glare from reflective surfaces.

So yes, a Polarizer will normally be expected to remove glare from glasses. However, it does depend on the light direction and that will effect how much glare is eliminated.

FallenKain says:

Can’t you sometimes use a circular polarizer to eliminate some glare in the case of people with glasses as well?

thediviner41954 says:

i learned a lot from watching this video!! thank you very much B&H and Bob Harrington…

thediviner41954 says:

i learned a lot from watching this video!! thank you very much B&H and

pcamyre says:

I enjoyed learning from this video.

Frederick Jones says:

another great video…

skipgotskills says:

At the 1:50 mark he asked everyone to leave there questions until the end of the workshop. Why did these people do the total opposite of what he asked of them…..? Lol

jjaylad says:

Probably a great video but I can’t hear it even with my speakers cranked up.

robbyjai says:

this video is fantastic and i have learnt so much from this!!! Thank you guys!!!!! We need more of these seminar videos!!! Love your work!

missterry2009 says:

great tutorial!

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