Orbs – Light Painting Photography Tutorial

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photoextremist.com go here to get all the links and see the full written blog article on how to make abstract light painting long exposure photographs of orbs and spheres.


MinecraftLPEvolution says:

i did this , used my house keys for the weight , they came of and Flung of somewhere …. Long story short i lost the keys and spent the night at my Bros

amuluru81 says:

U used multiple LEDs attached to a stick or something like that and at different heights from the pole and did photoshop to get multiple ones

con1weezy says:

you use bees for the multi-orbs ..

mark iman says:

There is a neighborhood near me that the entire street does Xmas lights on all the houses. Do you think it would be to much light to try on the middle of the road with all the house lights in the background?

Jolanda Iridea says:

Greetings! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My mate David made some amazing photography with their video tutorials.

knightbook1003 says:

Have you gotten an answer yet, bcuz I don’t know how you did the last one, with many orbs. I’m going to guess, because I’m just starting out: a strobe or bounce lighting OR many people at once?

Stanky Queeferson says:

you have those led lights. stood to the side. held one end in your left hand. one end in your right. with some slack between the two, you then spun them in a motion similar to winding up a towel, planning to whip someone…however you did it with you hands at north and south poler ends. so it was vertical not horizontal when still.

at least thats what i think you did

Miguel Mig says:

Very Nice, Thanks for tricks !

georgia baxter says:

He must of used Photoshop to erase himself from the pics….:D

carlo aiz says:

At the last picture there, you used a round or a circle wire and attched a small individual Led lights and you spin around.

Jahmirieon Johnson says:

Did you take yourself out of the picture using photo shop or what?

Goalblocker97 says:

Im New to photography how do you not show up in any of the picutres?

jsheks says:


andreashun says:

well, i guess i’m far to late to answer your question about how you did the lightning in that one particually photo, but anyway… i would guess you used some kind of “christmas light arch” which are very popular over here in sweden… But i actually don’t know how to call them in english. 😉
there are cordless versions of this as well…
did i get it right? 🙂 greetings from sweden!!!

dezmond roman says:

how did u remove your body from your photos?

BlueSun1971 says:

thats the best guess I’ve seen so far

izhca says:

Hey dude thats amazing im a fashion photographer ill try to use that kind of lighting (maybe not the same efect) in one of my shots!!!! thanksssssssssss 😉

Wan Arif says:

Can I Do this using BULB mode?

CtheWorldchannel says:

I would say you could use a plate or saucer and tape the small LED lights at intervals around one edge of the plate and spin it.

captinminecraft123 says:

You did something

Moises Marquez says:

Did u use small butterfly fireworks to do the individual gloves? U then blended each one with Adobe Lightroom like your other photo projects. Right?

Freshhprettyboy says:

Instagram !

zhengli3 says:

where did you get the little led lights on the key chain that were used to weigh down the other leds?

dbaguena1 says:

great pictures

fabss7 says:

Sorry for my bad English

fabss7 says:

Single light, you stepped on the side and spun the light clock wise creating and orb and did the same thing the the opposite way. Went from small circles to big circles.

TheAppleWhispererII says:

How do you remove yourself from the picture?

TheAppleWhispererII says:

Hi can you help me please. I did this and it looks great but i still havent figure out how to delete myself from the picture. i mean how do you do to dont appear yourself in the picture?.

Adam Howell says:

Did you use a set of fairy lights, not bunched up at one end. Weighted them down the end closest to the ground and spun the cord round making 10 lines (10 LED’s on one set of lights hence why each orb has 10 lines)) turned off the light moved to the next location spun the cord and turned the on again?

steelhitch says:

car lighter

Danayan Luxmanan says:

Did u use some spinning tops?

yabbayabbadoooh says:

Man gotta try this

sebagagno says:

At 3:48 how did you setup your camera and flash? cause if i try, i get something like a ghost D:

AquaTeh says:

what flashlight did you use to light up the tree?

BroccoliBrigardist says:

when you light painting with a camera, what you are doing is just taking a really long photo….. rhis means the lens is openend very long, like 30 seconds or sth and everthing what happens in this time is going to be in the picture, so when you are dressed dark and/or moving the whole time, the lens dont get you…..

i hope you understand this 😀
you can also do like ghostpictures with this technique, when you just stand some scondes still and then move or move slowly 😀

Phillip Pearson says:

how did you make the red ribbons in the picture of you jumping?

YeathatsLondon says:

this might be a stupid question cuz im not a professional photographer, but how are you not in the pictures when doing this? do you photoshop yourself out or what? and i love you work.

fhbjr says:

nice tutorial, probably the best I’ve seen about light bulbs…light painting is a really awesome branch of night photography, and it should have more adepts. I recommend using old flashlights with colored translucent papper…it gives a really nice effect =)

Graziano1000 says:

Has anyone guessed right yet?

noboddymusic says:

Theese Balls are made with battery christmaslights 🙂

Chaitu Cherukuri says:

sequence photography bro 🙂

PhotoExtremist says:

I would do a quick search on a Flickr Group or on Google “long exposure sensor overheat”

Akkordinator says:

I ment with a cable release (I have one):) I want to know this because of the sensor overheating..

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