Photoshop Tutorial – Color Correction with the Eyedropper

or copy the link – Learn color correction with the Curves Eyedropper tool, in this Photoshop tutorial by photographer Phil Steele. This is an excerpt from the video course “Photoshop Basics for Photographers” available at


Cristi Wallace says:

Great tutorial

Naresh Kumar says:

amazing, thank you, so much bro

SixthEllia says:

Thank you! This is exactly what I need.

Tommy CA says:

Thanks Phil, it is a very short tutorial but it is so helpful. Thanks again Phil.

Ps Down says:

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Frank Justtoentertain says:

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franktuang8 says:

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Arima Dwi Kartika says:

thaaaaaaanks xD

startphotography says:

Nice video. Keep ’em coming.

omar perez says:

You guys should check out this videos out they are really helpful

Justin Thomas Smith says:

How’d you change the background of photoshop? The blue image usually where the grey color is? I can not figure out how to do this. I am running Windows.

steeletraining says:

– Answering that requires more than just a few words, but I have a whole Photoshop course on my website if you’d like to see both Levels and Curves explained in detail.

sbai4319 says:

This is a good quick tecnique but I prefer to do this in Lightroom

newkidontheblockx says:

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Fahis Ismail says:

thankz…. very ,very and very much….Phil Steele

davidg1024 says:

What is the difference between levels and curves?

SuperAlijoker says:

woaaaa, thanks for the GREAT tip
i wonder why i called myself a Photoshop pro! :]

ajayonline says:

Great tutorial, thank you very much!

steeletraining says:

– Yes, you can do similar adjustments in Lightroom using a combination of the Temp and Tint slider and sometimes manual tweaks of specific colors in the HSL panel. There is a white balance dropper that will adjust Temp and Tint automatically based on a neutral gray point. Then you can adjust Blacks/Contrast/Exposure/Brightness to get your exposure and contrast right.

jerryhers says:

Is there a way to do this in lightroom?

MicroWare1 says:

Thank you.
I had never even noticed the eye droppers in the curves panel.
This was very helpful.

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