Small Studio Flash Tips: EP 208: Digital Photography One on One

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In this episode Mark Wallace gives five tips for shooting with speedlights in a small studio.


britestube says:

why do we have to buy the commander if nikon cameras can trigger off-camera flash from their pop-up unit?

irideajolanda445 says:

Good day! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My buddy Jasmine made some mind blowing photography with their video tutorials.

Jeremiah Gomez says:

great tips thanks a lot and God bless.

Christian Femat says:

as always MY HERO!!!

ArtistWoOoOo says:

and btw to having the image shaking so much in 1/10 u need to put a lot of work!!I shoot 1/4 on hand with no flash and looks like a remoted cam on tripod…  good images with umbrella anyway

ArtistWoOoOo says:

ppl who shoot in the weekends,d7000? im about to cry ;(

Borgdatanode says:

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Star Muhammad says:

Hi Mark. First let me start by saying, I’ve learned and I’m still learning so much from you. Thanks so much for your time and hard work with putting together these videos here and on adoramatv. Regarding the flash….when one is shooting in manual mode, does the flash automatically adjust the output of light as one adjust its settings regardless of what the settings might be?

Mary Jane Cannon says:

Great video! I have two speedlites, so would I be able to use a two umbrella scenario for portraits in a small space or do you only recommend one with a hair light / background light?

jobob12345 says:

I love the series and the information is always useful. Would like to point out tho, especially for beginners, there are good 2-3 light strobe setups available out there for around the cost of one speedlight. Don’t get me wrong, I love speedlights, and you gotta have em for quick work in a lot of spaces, but if you’re looking strictly to set up a small home studio, for under $500 does have a couple kits that work great.

bearbearblacksheep says:

more please!

antrimpunx says:

Very good tutorial … Thinking of getting a wee strobe lighting system for my house n this video helps me with a few future ideas thanx

mitsubishidiamante says:

very nice! 

bestamibalta says:

amazing thank you so much

wickdwaze says:

he improved that models face by like 200 percent

RicheUK says:

great video !!!

risinghopesnme says:

Love you man…. your Explanation is Just Awesome…. Thank You 🙂

TiiM93 says:

If they are asking about shooting in a studio they most likely already have flashes. Also, you can find all kinds of 3rd party flashes like Yongnuo. They make a descent flash comparable to the Canon 430ex minus the ETTL mode.

exanik1 says:

Hello, have you considered “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just google it)? There you will find a smart free video explaining the right way to shoot awesome photos. This made it easier for Matt to shoot photos that have that wow-effect while you take a look at them. Perhaps it will help you out also.

Mark Preston says:

I the grand scheme on what you can spend on studio lighting it is more budget friendly than other options.

petenicezz says:

Thanks for sharing these tips it will help me to set up my own studio from home for basic photo shoot. Thx

oskarwerewka says:

Thanks, it is perfect tutorial! Btw, I like the construction of the sealing 😀

LongoFan3 says:

How is a $500 flash on a low budget?

TheMichael408 says:


igetsmart says:

Very nice Mark – there is a huge group of folks that will enjoy this – a budget studio – the way of photo studios is going down hill as the cameras get better for the main stream – so more and more folks will be doing just what you demonstrated – do bad for the trade –

Gordon Trom says:

Thumbs up if you understood the Les Nessman reference!
WKRP in Cincinnati, Eye-witness Weather!

exwhyz33 says:

thank you.

Colin Carmichael says:

If you’re trying to keep the budget low, why not just use the remote commander built-in to the D7000 rather than adding the cost of the SU-800?

Bill Romanelli says:

on the nikon you have the cls system (creative lighting system) in the camera, so you don’t need the su800. its free no need for remote comander. it works great and you can control each speed light independently increasing or decreasing the power.

mitsubishidiamante says:

damn youre good!

GsandQs says:

I meant … Professor Mark Wallace 🙂

GsandQs says:

I am a proud student of Professor Mike Wallace at YouTube University.

Ataulla Fareed Pasha says:

Hey good work in putting out your photography knowledge.
If you had a wide aperture lens say 30mm f1.4 sigma, would it be good using it at 1.4/1.8/2.8 using the same setup? Ive seen most people use light meter and adjust accordingly to f8 or so.

BoldtCave says:

thumbs up for Les Nessman tape reference

bballer424 says:

Strobes in manual mode with little to no ambient light and your camera in manual mode. Find a setting on the camera you like and don’t change anything after that. Your exposures should stay the same in relatively small rooms.

canunotg says:

wow those are pretty sharp looking pics with kit lenses 18-55mm. Did you do any post processing on these pics?

Great vid by the way. I liked the combination of both lights at the end. Especially when you lit up the background

Lincoshop says:

Depth of Field and Lens effects.
look:w w

jun ling says:

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albert perey says:

this is my favorite epesode mark. because im a beginer in photography. nery good

sakon bai says:

Hello, have you heard about “MagicSFXphoto” (just search on Google for it …)? On their website you can watch a useful free video featuring how you can take outstanding photos. It made it easier for Matt to make photographs that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take a look at them. I hope it will help you also.

theeroticman says:

very helpful job!! keep it up!!

room28ministries says:

Yeah bud, you’re 7months late on that one. Already had an account and 6 shoots under my belt by the time you answered.

cosiodesign says:

do you auto focus in those kind of shoots?

Linda Holder says:

I couldn’t tell how you kept your line of sight with IR, did you have the flashes turned a certain way? I think that is what you used right?

Jasmin Toromanović says:

Mr. Mark,
i watched almost all of your videos, they are awesome and youre the best YouTube presentator ever seen. I hope you will consider my request and do more of enterior and real estate shows, since i am struggling with real estate photography and panorama stiching. As you guess, exposure is the biggest problem i struggle with to get even exposure for photo stiching. Love your show, keep on and good luck!!! Love from Bosnia!

russellelbert says:

can you come build a big studio around my small room? 😉

snapfactory says:

Yes, it’s much easier to fit the video cameras, video lights and audio gear into a big studio with a small room.

russellelbert says:

so, instead of going to a small room, you built one?

renilicious says:

model mayhem DOT com Depending on the sort of photography you’re doing, approach art schools to hire figure models.

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