Canon dSLR Macro Photography On The Cheap – M42 Lenses & Extension Tubes!

or copy the link dSLR’s are great, but lenses are expensive, even second-hand ones. If you buy a M42 lens mount adapter on eBay, you’ve then got access to the thousands of much cheaper (and older) M42 Lenses. M42 Glass is manual focus, and you have tomove the aperture ring by hand too, but if you put your Canon dSLR into Aperture Priority Mode, it will meter the scene and set your shutter-speed accordingly. By adding extension tubes we can take macro or close up photographs, and the equivalent EF lenses are incredibly expensive, but we can get similair shots at a fraction of the price. So buy an M42 lens mount adapter, then trawl the flea-markets, charity shops and car-boot sales for M42 glass and extension tubes. Thanks for watching, Rob.


Ca11mero says:


Ariel Beatrice says:

Good day! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My friend Bex made some stunning photography with their video tutorials.

thebardofpop says:

Great vid thanks for the info.

podjo2k910 says:

Wats the best for youtube best canon or just a gud chap one and how much

K3zz21 says:

I think extension is better since it lets you use any lens rather than a filter specific size.

amazinggadgets says:

What is the model of that triood?

Crpetersena says:

Excellent video.. Informative

PimpMyFahrrad says:

After my very expensive gear was stolen, I decided to look for cheaper alternatives. I bought couple of vintage Pentax PK lenses, and installed adapter with AF op my 600d. All I can say is WOW (that after using some L lenses). Who could have thought that you get such impressive results with a lens that costs less than my SDHC card! Pentax 50mm 1.7 is ultra sharp and contrasty. Nice bokeh also. Focusing is no problem, since I have AF confirm.

yaro137 says:

Hi Rob. When I installed the M42 converter on my Canon and an extension tube with an m42 lens attached to it and set my camera to Av I have to press the shutter release twice to take a photo. Is this normal or am I doing something incorrectly?

Alexandrü Hendrix says:

love that 90-230

liniowcze1x says:


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HeIIToAll says:

Extension Tube or reverse adapter?

MegaNoobFilms says:

Thank you for taking the time in making this Video was very helpful

Babar Ghias says:

Your video is Very informative and clear.
I give you 5 stars for that.
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.

Nathan Holland says:

thanks for the information!! you have just saved me hundreds of dollars. Lots of m24 lenses available at very low prices.

puggster says:

Anyone got any advice on a fujifilm s2750, bridge cam, i have just moved up from a compact and got this at a good price, over all im happy with macro and super macro, which is no probs for that camera, i wanted to photograph things like birds and animals, and wonderd if there was adapters and things to give a bit more zoom, i can already get nice pics from a substantial distance but wonderd if there was a thing that can make zoom better 🙂

joellllllllllie says:

does this process work on the canon 500d ?

theysayimkennyful says:

How do you get enough light for the macro?
I think lighting will be an issue because you’re so close to the object..

SirianKnight says:

Dude this is a great vid! Im now gonna get me some M42’s at Newbury Racecourse car boot! Seen so many of them and didnt think much of em…

Anyway I kind of came to a dead end and tried/failed to do macro before. So thanks for the tips on this vid as I now know the mechanics (god im such a n00b). Thanks for the clean explanation on this. Someone who actually knows what they are talking about!!!!!!!! 😀

masticina says:

Hunting M42 lenses can be allot of fun. Sure it takes manual fiddling.. but those old lenses are still very good 🙂

Mika151 says:

That is not a macro lens.

soundtheshofar says:

Very nice. Thank you for an informative vid.

royalbollocking says:

The focal length doesnt really affect whether it is a ‘dedicated macro lens’. Try turning a 50mm lens around the wrong way and shooting some images, it gives 1:7 pictures, and its still at 50mm… A larger focal point with macro lenses just means you can achieve 1:1 (macro) from a further distance – great for wildlife which is easily scared! I cant talk for TheNeonWorm, but thats what i’m thinking…

scuzznightrunner says:

does the ef to m42 adapter not comewith the lens??

WestCoastMods says:

A 50mm lens will not give you macro shots…what are you thinking……???

peregrinestudio says:

Very interesting stuff

TheNeonWorm says:

The canon 50mm F/1.8 lens is around £80, try this out, absolutely amazing quality and no need for all of this fuss.

William Brodie says:

reply to your commend about EF extension tubes costing a fotune

tinyurl dot com slash robnunn

Check this out on ebay…

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