Create a Panorama Photo by stitching images using Photoshop CS5 Photomerge

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Adobe CS5 Photoshop Tutorial : How to Stitch together to create one Panorama image using Photoshop Photomerge, Adobe Camera Raw and Adobe Bridge For text version see Please subscribe and visit our website


stewart main says:

Awesome tutorial. Will be using this in my college class.


need 2 know how 2 animate the panoramic image in 360 degrees

biidaas says:

I figured it out! Thanks again for the great tutorial!

biidaas says:

Thank you! I am trying this with a big family portrait and the last image on the left is stretching, making people look “wide”, is there something I can do to correct this?

siphid says:

great tutorial, really really useful!

VasiokII says:

Thanks a lot
Just what I was looking for

mstrick64 says:

Nice tutorial. Thank you for sharing!

sadullahibrahimi says:

Excellent and incredibly simple. Good job

Muhammed Uzzal says:

Excellent video and commentary 🙂 Thanks!

Sean Mason says:

subscribed. Thank you for doing tutorials.

Suzumebachi213 says:

thank you thank you thank you life saver

adelaidebabyphotos says:

thanks so much, very well explained, I’m going to give it go now.

skinnerplaysdrums says:

Marry me

smokeybarr says:

I’ll give it a go. Many thanks for the advise!

landscapepeople says:

You need to select the sky and use a mixture of the brightness tool and eraser tool to blend the photo’s together. You need to set the eraser opacity to about 30% and then blend the patches of cloud together. I dont know of any automatic way of doing it and I’ve found this way very effective. Hope this helps!

smokeybarr says:

I guess that’s why you lock the exposure.

smokeybarr says:

Great video. Just wanted to know if you knew how to get the sky all the same. You can see where my pics are stitched together, there’s two darker, shaded lines where the two end pics meet the middle one… if that makes sense?

TheDigitalViewTV says:

Thank You for the comments

michb233 says:

Great video, thanks heaps 🙂

dstsentry says:

Thank you this was very helpful I made my first panorama with cs5

NRGRX says:

Thank you..this is great!

jario69 says:

thanks a million for the video mate

cblanton42 says:

If you weren’t a guy, I’d kiss you! You answered EXACTLY what I needed to know about 3 major questions that had me stuck. Great job.

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