Episode 8 – Photography, Lightroom and Photoshop Tips by Serge Ramelli – Panoramas Tutorial

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Get my entire training at : www.photoserge.com or purchase the raw files used for this episode at www.photoserge.com In this episode I will show you my workflow for doing panoramas : – What I do in Lightroom 4 first. – Merging in Photoshop. – Creating the final look. You can find the raw files at this link : This week inspiration is a Panorama specialist from Paris Arnaud Frich : www.arnaudfrichphoto.com Enjoy !


Hans Montgomery says:

Hello there! Have you ever tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My mate Daniel made some amazing pics with their photography tutorials.

SuhailAlli says:

Do you have an Email address ? need to ask you some questions

Megapapasito7 says:

Thanks Serge! As a new hobbist photographer your series is so informative! thanks!

Tennishead21 says:

Serge, I’m a big fan of the podcast. Just wondering what the specs of your imac is?

Abdur Rahman Jalil says:

@Serge Ramelli When you say it that way, it makes quite much sense. I will try to do this myself, thank you so much.

Abdur Rahman Jalil says:

@Serge Ramelli

Serge Ramelli says:

My workflow is always to retouch first and then merge, AV or manual. reason is you get the best out of raw files before merging then after !
But that is juts my way of doing it.

Serge Ramelli says:

My workflow is always to retouch first and then merge, AV or manual. reason is you get the best out of raw files before merging then after !
But that is juts my way of doing it.

Abdur Rahman Jalil says:

I know that the new Photoshop is really good at merging panorama. But i always thought it is bettet to merge first, then retouch..?
Or did you retouch first because you had AV mode..?
Thank you for making these videos. They are fantastic!
Love your photos and the final results =]

Anindya Mukherjee says:


Daniel Santos says:

Did you take the photos with the tripod ?

RicheUK says:

brilliant video.
Made me laugh when you created the green and red gradient and you said “..and thats it we finished!”

Serge Ramelli says:

No, I believe that as long as your width is at least 1.6 times the height you have a pano. I go from anywhere to 1.6 to 3 x the size of the height.


TheBigsteely101 says:

Is a there a rule of thumb for aspect ratio that a panorama photo should be taken at?

TheBigsteely101 says:

Awesome work! Thanks so much for ALL the great tips.

Patrick S. says:

thank you

TomaszGap says:

Thanks for an great tutorial :)

Maher Ali says:

I see. thank you very much.

Maher Ali

scruffy1981 says:

Thank you, brilliant tutorial!

paataqatamadze patuqatamadze says:

Lightroom 4 ????????

Serge Ramelli says:

Hello Maher,

I find that I get a better result by retouching a bit the photo in Lightroom or Camera Raw before merging, this is based on a lot of trial and error. Once a raw file is processed, well it processed and a lot of infos are hard down burned, so it better be the right infos !


Maher Ali says:

Thank you again Serge for the amazing tutorial, but I have a question for you:
Couldn’t you do all those adjustments in lightroom after merging in photoshop?
Can you only merge them in Photoshop and then get a similar result by only using lightroom?

thank you.
Maher Ali.

Hennie de Jaeger says:

Thanks again for this tutorial, a learn a lot of your lessons.
Greeting Hennie

Dinahhs3 says:

Great as usual….would like to see a b&w and sepia lesson, from ur point of view…..thanks

nashvillecsx says:

Thanks Serge! Keep ’em coming. I really enjoy them.

Nicolas Quintin says:

Merci Serge pour vos tuto, je vous suis depuis un certain temps et vos tutoriaux sont vraiment excellents! Je vais essayer de prendre celui sur PS6
Continuez !!


jennymiko says:

I absolutely love you tutorials. I love your style and the way you talk to explain things.
I am from Germany and don’t care much for the boring and stiff tutorials on most channels.
Thank you so very much for all you do. I will buy the Lightroom 4 PC training course.

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