Intro to HUGIN Panorama Maker

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This is the first in a series of videos on HUGIN panorama maker. In this video we create a standard panorama and go though all the steps to do so. This is a freeware package and is very powerful! The images that it creates are uploadable into Phtoshop, gimp or the photo edior of your choice.


MudHut67 says:

What kind of porn do you watch, vintage from the 80s?

DeGovAus says:


TheShockito says:

please use a better language when comment. you dont need to be rude to express an opinion ok? thanks. btw i am not hugin developer, only a guy that like to read comments when they are constructive. 😉

MegaBajs007 says:

Duudee delete ie

TheRavensPhotography says:

thanks for the tutorial 🙂 i am a sony alpha user :))

hesaflyguy says:

did you try it in jpg?

fighterace0 says:


chris25119600 says:

Hi, after i upload my images, then click align, I’m getting an error code ??

im uploading in NEF format,

please help before i smash my macbook over my head 🙂

AsawRetuow says:

Great vid, thanks man

fuzzjunky says:

this software is the biggest crock of crap ever invented i just spent two days taking photos with a tripod, and another two days trying to make this shit doftware work. i didn’t get ONE SINGLE PAN TO WORK. what a pile of shit. just use AUTOMATE > PHOTOMERGE in photoshop. it actually works. no wonder this software is free. it doesn’t work

Giants544 says:

The intro music sounds like porn music LOL

ThePrenian says:

Hi, how do I make the sphere thingie using Hugin??

David Kraig says:

Hi how do I make the sphere like image using Hugin. Thanks db

Ishaan Bellic says:

what is the type of projection of the final image to get it spherical, eg to work with 360cities. thank you

Ishcoa says:

Cameralabs user?

HeyYou711 says:

This video was extremely helpful! Thank you very much! Just have one question, when I’m finished, my photo looks very burry and pixelated and some-what smaller than I expected it to be. Any way of fixing this to make it clearer and larger? Thanks!

Mykolas Karanauskas says:

The first thing we’ll do…. we’ll try to clean up the icons on the desktop 🙂

Silje Nestås says:

I like this video! But when I try to align my photos, it comes up “error”. What to do? 🙁

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