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or copy the link Many of the direct recording audio solutions for Canon DSLR Cameras involve large boxes and other random Items in order to get the audio into your camera. But once the audio is being recorded by your camera how do you know if it is any good? Well with the the help of a FiiO e5 headphone amplifier: and a female RCA to 3.5mm adapter: You can add audio monitoring functionality to your Canon DSLR Camera (when using a field monitor). I have two people to credit in this video. The first one is Christian Sundsdal. He is the one I mentioned who hooked the rode VideoMic and FiiO e5 together. You can find out more about him here: And the second is Youtube member Freyguyproductions. He sent in the question that got me started looking for this solution. You can find his blog here: NOTE Remember this is for use with a field monitor. You need either an HDMI monitor or a little composite input monitor. See: The screen on the camera goes black as soon as you plug the usb-composite adapter into your camera. If you aren’t using a field monitor this probably isn’t the way to go. Equipment Used in this video: Canon t2i & 7d Canon 35mm f1.4 Sigma 30mm f1.4 Fiio e5 headphone amp Sennheiser G2 wireless mic CPM FILM TOOLS Rig


JAWMagic1234 says:

Thanks heaps for your help! I have the Canon 600D (t3i) and have magic lantern installed, if i use this same set up, but not use the headphone amplifier, but instead plug straight in my headphones do I need to change any settings on the Magic lantern menu? or will it monitor audio straight away? (i have an external mic hooked up) thanks

Roberto Lira says:

hi thanks for your videos, do you have a solution for the canon 6d?

kentkessinger1 says:

Thanks for the Info! 2 Questions – if you did use a splitter straight from the mic to monitor as one commenter suggested, wouldn’t that weaken the signal going to your camera? Also, can you pull this off without using the headphone amplifier?

dspoet1 says:

What kind of camera rig is that?

TheEditingResource says:

Seriously? Your setup is even more complicated. Just download Magic Lantern… it’s well worth it.

TheEditingResource says:

That’s your own fault! He mentioned that you do need Magic Lantern, and at the time the 7D didn’t have it. Now it works though 🙂

thinkpierce says:

I really like the quality of your lavalier mic, what kind is it? Also if you could take the next step up in quality, what would you buy? I’m considering buying one in the near future and you seem like the guy to ask. also, great job on your videos

onelonedork says:

Note the date this video was uploaded. Then note that the Canon t3i wasn’t released when this video was published. Your t4i was released quit some time after that. My later videos cover this and the notes direct you to other methods. I can’t update this video to include your new camera sorry.

saludpanama says:

This setup does not work with the canon t4i. It is also useless if you dont have an external hdmi monitor. You make it look simple, and only say “canon” camera. But is not so wide. Is a good way to get some traffic but useless for canon t4i owners.

John Z says:

To those of you who are splitting the microphone signal to feed both a headphone amp and the camera, please look up impedance mismatch. It may not be a problem, depending on the exact equipment used, but there’s a reason that audio engineers don’t use this technique to monitor their microphones in a studio or live setup. At least not without careful confirmation. This is one of the reasons boxes that do this are so big. This doesn’t apply when coming out the USB port though.

Denis Law says:

hi sir.. it work for my A77 as follow yr installment ?

JandCphotography says:

Yes 🙂 This is how i monitor audio from my 600D. I take the output lead 3.5mm from my microphone, and plug that into a female to female connector. On the other side, i plug in a simple 3.5mm splitter, attatch an aux cable to one output and send that to the camera, then place another aux cable into the splitter and send that to my headphone amplifier. Plug headphones into amplifier. You dont need to use magic lantern. Why cant people use their brains? There is always a simple solution 🙂

Thanh Phạm says:

Can t4i use magic lantern ?

syzygys13 says:

Sweeeeeet! Thanks a lot for this. I just ordered the E5 for monitoring with ML out of my 5Dii. We’ll see how it goes.

Cordell D Franklin says:

Question? what Magic Lantern firmware did you use?

macchinelettriche says:


Nick Riggs says:

Will this set up work with a T4i?

רועי שפרניק says:

Hi jerry

did you find the 3 colors cable?
I search for that also

Thanks alot


patblanche1 says:

I have a canon 7D and magic lantern. I can hear back in my headphonesound but not while I m recoring.
I havn t a setting option In The magic lantern to set USB playback on as mention In another noob video I havn t such complete menu
Not working during recording, any answer ??

Jlird808 says:

Hey Cupido….does the v2 firmware upgrade help much with the audio on the 7D? I know it’s got manual gain control now, but that doesnt improve the sound quality or monitoring right??

Jason Lee says:

5D mk 2 does not come with USB to composite cable. How do you do this with the 5D mk 2? Thanks!

haloboy456 says:

Hey great video. Does this work on the t3i?

PawproMedia says:

So any reason why this wouldn’t work on a NikonD7000?

Charles Ho says:

Does it work on 60D?

1Andr1P says:

Is the amp necessary or I can live without it?!

skullknap says:

Can I use this on 7D without an external monitor just to hear the audio?

Keaton Ward says:

Does this work with external shotgun mic’s? I watched this video twice and couldn’t decipher if you were getting at that. I may have missed something but please answer! Thanks!

WupperVideo says:

And my keyboard doesn’t function always – sorry!

WupperVideo says:

Than yo for your fast answere, I installed ML at my EOS 600d (I’m from Germany), but then the camera was very hot and ML is very complicated and sometimes the Caon Menu flash into the ML-menu.
So I uninstalled ML and the camera fnctions perfectly!

And there is no way to hear the sound directly?

onelonedork says:


WupperVideo says:

Can I connect a headphone to my 600d (T3i) without Magic Lantern?

hunsruecktv says:

great. I just subscribed because of the ending 🙂

day2dayeats says:

Awesome, thanks again.

onelonedork says:

Download and install magic lantern and you should be good to go. There is also a pre-built cable you can use if you don’t want all of the adapters.

day2dayeats says:

Sorry if this question was asked before but…for the t2i, you don’t need a separate screen and all you would need is to download magic lantern in order to listen to audio as you record video? I bought the setup you suggested and I can only hear audio during the clip playback, but not while recording. I have not downloaded magic lantern though. Thank you

onelonedork says:

magic lantern has an audio monitor function in the menu, but I don’t think it works with the t3i.

100percentsnow says:

this will only work if u have a separate screen to monitor the video from right? because the camera LCD goes black when u plug the usb into the camera. i have a t3i is there anyway to just monitor the audeo. thanks

Jemcdv says:

vimeo. word.

Jemcdv says:

why do you need all that gage(d)try?

Jemcdv says:

and he does. very well.

Jemcdv says:

oh look. there’s a guy who looks like he can explain it. lets click and watch.

onelonedork says:


garethwNZ says:

Can you go from USB->USB to get a signal to the amplifier instead of the USB->RCA?

PureRemix says:

So this has been tested and is working on a T3i ?

FocalPointFilm says:

Is there a way to keep the T3i screen on once you plug the HDMI cable in? Because every time I hook the HDMI cable up to a monitor and then plug it into my T3i, the T3i screen goes black. Any answer would be awesome.

cookingfordads says:

Thanks so much, great info

Voxnulla says:

Or buy a cheap recorder with XLR input and be done with it.

ZippySoles says:

I did this to my Nikon d5100 but I can get audio during playback but not while recording.why!!!???Dammnnnnn…

ByVolkiii says:

hi i was wondering is this only for video shooting or can i use it as a live view in photo shoot?

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