Landscape Photography Composition Tips from Joseph Holmes

or copy the link Joseph Holmes, a Berkeley-born landscape photographer who’s been publishing fine art prints since the late 1960’s, joins us today on Advancing Your Photography to share his photo composition tips! Joseph’s goal is to take pictures that change people’s outlook on the world, and composition is the most important tool a photographer has, especially in landscape photography as it is one of the few factors you can control. So how does one take a life-changing photo? Holmes says that you need to work very hard and explore every photography technique so you can recognize “the shot” when you see it. His composition tip is one that many beginners forget don’t ignore the edges of your photos! Watch the full interview for these tips and more on taking landscape photos!


Callee Melina says:

Hey! Have you thought about photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My buddy Jacky made some stunning photos with their photography tutorials.

mohamed abdel-hady says:

i have a question what are the steps needed to turn photography into career (landscapes and portraits mainly)??

veyronman says:

Yeah, really awesome shots. I want to really get into landscapes. These are the shots I want to be taking.

veyronman says:

Exactly what I was thinking. I’m actually stoned right now.

faraz sarwar says:

thank you!

masterbasser002000 says:

paul mccartney has been dead since 1966!

ducon1234567 says:

Some of his pictures look like Monet’s paintings (impressionism). It is beautiful!

Lincoshop says:

Low light event photography
see:w w

marcsilber says:

thanks for watching

TheFlix17 says:

such work is really appreciated! thank you Mark

MrAlgebott says:

Yeah I Agree Mix and Merge is the way forward excellent interview

appacana says:

shoot I thought this is about film.

MrMuneebafzal says:

no offence and i like the video but what is that at 07:43 to 07:52 that looks quite gay style, rest is fine

origamisensei says:

Wonderful interview! Leaves me feeling more excited about photography than ever!

Lincoshop says:

Thank you for the support! Please comment & sube my channel

marcsilber says:

great very happy to have you enjoy

Santanu Sarma says:

very inspiring video. thanks for it.

Ted Vieira says:

Awesome video, I really appreciate these! Thanks Marc!

shaun365 says:

Taking the image is key, of course but Joseph is a processing and print expert. I’d love to see a conversation with him on dealing with colour space.

HKMoo says:

great to see another episode after a long wait! =]

omnseks says:

This was a great video!!! Can you possibly ask the guest speakers a more specific tip about their personal work as far as camera gear (filters, cameras, tripods ect.) thanks. I love these videos, please keep them coming.

wronkatonk says:

holmes was a stoner

karenicy says:

beautiful landscapes

Luca Montanari says:

Joseph Holmes is a great photographer!
thanks for this video

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