You Suck at Photoshop – Distort, Warp, & Layer Effects

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canadiananim8r says:

you sir are a king among men

Elizabeth Perez says:

I still love these videos!!

Tom Rushin says:


darklight5465 says:

Your awful at spelling

gay bighamdick says:

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ownagep90 says:

i remember watching this back in the day.  a YouTube classic

VlaqsGFxTeam says:

I banged your wife just to let you know!

Gurrusway says:

your Damn wallpaper

ingridfun says:

I don’t even fuckin have photoshop but this is funny as hell so I watched it anyway. Fuck it.

Jing Moco says:


Jörgen Ek says:

say hi to  your wife 😉

Evan Kelling says:

…what is wrong with this guy? …i love it

Debbie D says:


Meera Gorkhali says:

Hi there, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (just google it)? On their website you can watch a great free video showing the way to make brilliant photos. It made it possible for Daniel to take photos that leave you with that jaw-dropping-effect while you look at them. It might help you out as well.

elliotts609 says:

hahahahahahahha that working on taxes made me automatically hit Like xD

crthell says:

Its a joke. Every episode of the series, they misspell the title.

George Ellis says:

well sucking at Photoshop isn’t as bad as sucking at spelling the work “suck”

Tomba90110 says:

I hafe the same car. VW transporter bus. same coller,

eray tipton says:

Rooster Teeth

zildor13 says:


Albeleo says:

This is the greatest thing on the internet. No he’s not Dane Cook. He’s Troy Hitch. And Sn4tchbuckl3r is Matt Bledsoe. And they are both extremely talented people that created this series. And they should be thanked for this. And I am a punctuated asshole that writes posts like this. Here’s another sentence so I can fit in one more period.

Harry Kemp says:

HA 69 likes

Moonfane14 says:

Actually it isn’t, it’s Troy Hitch. In the Season Two Dane Cook made a cameo, though, because everyone thought it was him.

Scklyic says:

This IS Dane Cook.

richamerican says:

who’s that?

jakchit says:

are you trying to be Dane Cook

MultiVietMinh says:

you sound like you are being held captive by north korea

BlindMangoTV says:


jared0811 says:


BlindMangoTV says:

I feel superior that I knew of this before the Roosterteth Podcast talked about it! =D lol

CautionKid03 says:

what the fuck did i just watch o.o

adamskelton12 says:

U suck at spelling

1newfag says:


MineAl1 says:

wow… i like the end…

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