Canon EOS – Sports Photography Tutorial with Craig Golding

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By combining his passion for photography and sport, Craig Golding has become one of Australia’s best sports photographers. In this sports photography tutorial, Craig highlights the best techniques for high speed sports photography as well as photography tips for how to take action photos. Join in, find the inspiration for your photography and share at


CanonAustralia says:

Thank you for your kind comments. Cheers.

Scriveners says:

Wow. Thank you so much Canon, the entire Canon EOS Tutorial range is amazing! It’s really great to see a company providing great advice and content not directly advertising the product. Thank you again 🙂

kneeny1 says:

get a 1dx

startphotography says:

Don’t listen to anyone who gives you criticism, this is great!

iamkevinism says:


CanonAustralia says:

Thanks for your question – do take a look at our full range of DSLRs here: Cheers, the Canon team.

CanonAustralia says:

Yes, every Canon EOS camera comes with Digital Photo Professional and RAW drivers. Third-party software also enables viewing and processing of RAW files.

paperboyatyourdoor says:

Hey I was wondering if you could help me choose a dslr for shooting big ten football games. I would need good fps and good detail in the pictures. There will also be some night games so also good with med-low light.
Any help would be great.


iamkevinism says:

excuse me sir, is there a specific software that canon provides in order to edit/view a RAW file format?

indierektmusick says:

0:19 xD i LOVE this picture

CanonAustralia says:

Head on to your local authorised Canon reseller for more details: Let us know how you go. Cheers, the Canon team.

T3hTroll says:

I want to take photos of my model, but have a really intense background blur. I’m thinking of under $200. So is it best to get a 75-300mm?

marshallyanda says:

bro all canon lenses fit on all canon dslr

CanonAustralia says:

EF mount lenses are suitable for all Canon cameras. EF-S lenses would suit your camera (e.g. EOS 600D) as well. Cheers, the Canon team.

bumblebee561 says:

im new to photography, i got the canon rebel T3I and was wondering, do all canon lenses fit all canon cameras? like i want to buy some lenses but how do i know they will fit?

CanonAustralia says:

Hey there, usually for skateboarding, we see a lot of photographers using wide-angle lenses (e.g. However, at the end of the day its about experimenting and planning on what shots you want to achieve first. Do you have an idea of what sort of photos you want to take? Cheers, the Canon team.

tomtheskater7 says:

What Lens should i buy for a Canon EOS 1100D (18-55mm) for taking pictures of Action sports (e.g Skateboarding)?

Chris Staikos says:

try to invest in some good glass. it will always keep value and will work with all your cameras that you may get, that is if you get an ef lens.

pattyputtynose says:

So good to listen to an Aussie voice - nice, down-to-earth chat by someone who knows his trade & is not ‘up himself’!!!

nevershouteleaseah says:

We are using this video in my photography class as a lesson in shooting action, great job (:

Anthony Easley says:

Im in photography class and have to watch this 🙁

H75119847 says:

awesome photos!

rian009 says:

@0:19 game face

CanonAustralia says:

Thanks for your question. Please take a look at our World of EOS microsite (Google “world of EOS”) for more tips. Cheers

KapteinFruit says:

Thanks. Will take a look right away. 🙂

CanonAustralia says:

Thanks for your question – search YouTube for this video “Canon EOS – Chris Bray Creative Tutorial: Canon DSLR Lenses “. Cheers

KapteinFruit says:

This questions doesn’t really have anything to do with the video, but what would the best lens that would be worth buying for a 1000D be? And any suggestions on what lens to buy for taking pictures of surroundings and people? And will a Macro lens work well with a 1000D? If so, what would be a good Macro lens to begin with? Thank you in advance.

hahahadropped2000 says:

So helpful to my skateboarding photography, got loads a new ideas going! thanks

tekho says:

Epic photo on 0:18 hahaha

CanonAustralia says:

Well, it depends on how close you are to the action. If you have a cropped sensor, you can acheive an even more zoomed in effect. Cheers mate

MultiAppleDude says:


jacintah99 says:

wow i love your photography! great tips, thanks 🙂

thepianolover4ever says:

i love photography lessons.

MattCat8 says:

would the 70-200mm f/4 L be good enough for outdoor sport photography, in terms of zoom and focal length?

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