Fashion and Editorial Photographer, Danno Watts: How’d They Do That?

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Adorama Photography TV presents “How’d They Do That” featuring Danno Watts. In this episode, Mark talks with Danno about his unique style of photography. He also talks about how he created the only location scout iphone app called PocketScout. To download the PocketScout app, view Danno’s web site, and watch related “How’d They Do That” interviews, go here: Find the products from this episode at Cannon 50mm f/1.4 Adobe Lightroom Visit for more videos! Send your questions to:


archedmandible says:

This episode was a classic.

therealweenis says:

Danno Watts. Hello.

gdig83 says:

amazing episode! 

TheSupasimon says:

This should not be only about photography but about life.

HumanZoo22 says:

Best Adorama episode ever…..

Jojo10040 says:

@danno ur Amazin man, I’m following you on twitter and on Fb lol if you ever need help in LA I’d be more than happy to even carry your equipment or even fetch your coffee lol

Jojo10040 says:

@danno so how you get that “vintage” look? Is it the natural lighting or the editing you do? If so how can one achieve a similar look?

ddnn3 says:

idk what camera body he uses, but it’s prob full frame. He’s playing it off like the gear doesn’t matter but he still has pretty decent stuff.

tony77tony77 says:

very cool guy!!


This guy is a member at “photography on the net” (POTN)

A great highly populated forum dedicated to Canon Cameras.

chuda99 says:

It’s always refreshing to see genuine people/photographers giving such candid and honest interviews. Thanks to Adorama and Mark Wallace again!!

Chuck Kuhn says:

He’s his own man/person. One word he said that describes his work “RAW” It works for him and he is happy hopefully. 

BMSWEB says:

Really enjoyed this one! Big Thumbs Up!

Catalin Pop says:

I like this guy a lot

youmantube2009 says:

I loved this interview a lot! :)))

boilerjack says:

Joe McNally——Is his name 😀

boilerjack says:

that nikon guy with glasses what’s his name??

Hobbeast says:

I like this guy, I also stick to my guns and just do what I like. I mean, I do listen to others and learn from them but I keep my flow of creativity and my style of photography as close to being “me” as possible.

Great interview, love it.

ajayonline says:

Great Interview, seems like a great guy!

kauxkaux says:

Two amazing photographers and overall great guys!!!

archedmandible says:

This was one of my favourites so far.

I loved the ones with Rick Gayle and the food stylist too.

34Muflon says:

love the soundproblems:)

Giulio Sciorio says:

I’ve know Danno for some time know and he’s an artist plain and simple. He’s the first one to offer help and knowledge. He’s art is great and the best thing is that he’s ego free.

I hope one day to have a mighty beard as Dannos.

Laura e Felipe Matias says:

Awesome interview!!!!

PowerMediaStudio says:

great interview!! I like it!

leepaothao says:

just check his web page out…. this guy is great

WiseGuy02 says:

Can use Footprints which comes with Android to do the same job as Pocketscout.

WiseGuy02 says:

So true, trying to be what others want you to be or expect you to be is too hard. A waste of energy. Just be yourself and people don’t like it, tough.

corazonesnegros502 says:

Awesome laid back dude! True artists.

colleenkatz says:

Artist..pure and simple

bellatattoogirl says:

Now this is truth.

fetor41 says:

This guy is awesome. Glad to see someone who’s not entirely focused on being super professional.

lastcomicleft says:

i wonder what kind of canon he uses

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