Fashion photo shoot by Pablo Montanez – backstage #128

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Backstage photo shooting # 128 – Modna Magazine


PhotographyFashion says:

I appeared in several issues, this particular editorial can be found in Modna of july 2010.

Headph0nePhet1sh says:

Great work Pablo 🙂 What issue of Modna did they appear in? Is this shoot available online for viewing anywhere?

jun ling says:

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prettybug1423 says:

this is great nice job

Đức Lý says:

nice effect !

JimEphin says:

need more video from you! nice shot!

PhotographyFashion says:

In this shoot I’m using the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra RX set.

Trondheimsveien6a says:

Very nice work. You are using a handheld light. What is the name of this?

PhotographyFashion says:


PhotographyFashion says:

these pictures have been digitally processed using ‘Nic Color Efex Pro’ (X-process), and then manually adjusted in Photoshop.

I’m not familiar with the d600, but the tip is simple: shoot! shoot! and shoot!

MacMason2k7 says:

do you use photoshop colour actions for the photos or do you manually edit each one? any tips you can share with canon d600 noobies like myself ?

PhotographyFashion says:

don’t know 🙁

ghita marin says:

what is the name and artist of the first song?:)

ghita marin says:

great job:D well done:)

PhotographyFashion says:

I use may lenses but my personal highest recommendations for general purpose use is the Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L USM and the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 USM Macro

mitchellandleefilms says:

what lenses are you using with your canon camera and which lense would you recommend i use to get those effects on a canon 7d camera. thanks. excellent look by the way.

SuperLimerick says:

Nice work I love it. The model is awesome aswell.

underblix says:

your work is stunning

PhotographyFashion says:

I use many…, in this shoot: Canon 1Ds Mark II

Melissacar7 says:

Beautiful work what kind of camera do you use ?

MrHkggood says:

This is really nicely done. Excellent concepts.

R00RAL says:

I like the style well done.

Stephanusize says:

Woaw nice editing!!!

Bruce Wayne says:

What a nice model, nice work as well 🙂

PhotographyFashion says:


videokobrin says:


borism68 says:

Very nice, nice concepts and well postrpro , great , thanks for sharing

Angel Salazar says:

Slovenia got beautiful models. Great job guys- those pictures are awesome!

mikeismad61 says:

Great video which shows just how much is done via PS later on, having say that you have to get the basic images right to begin with

Some fantastic images

Many thanks

PhotographyFashion says:

model: Ljubinka D.
agency: MG Slovenia

Chuck Gallaher says:

Who is the model? She’s beautiful!

PhotographyFashion says:

Yep! well spotted…

bomotsot says:

Very nice! Did u use the 24-105mm on most of the photos?

themightymightybokyo says:


PhotographyFashion says:


plasticpunch says:

ωραια δουλεια

kodex82 says:

Verry nice effect of jour job.

Evan Zhang says:

excellent, excellent!!

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