Fashion shoot- Enchanted Forest – Emily Soto Photography

or copy the link PS Actions available at http Music: Lisa Mitchell- Clean White Love “Enchanted Forest” shoot for Reverie Magazine (Canada) Photographer: Emily Soto Model: Sarina Nash with FORD Models Makeup: Jen Kolhagen Hair Stylist: Lauren Ritchison Digital Image Editing & Video: Emily Soto Filmed by Jonathan Painter


SimplyGFXTutorials says:

Hey guys, please check out the Emily Soto inspired photoshop tutorial on my channel! It would mean so much to me as I love her works! 🙂 thanks! /watch?v=DkiXrRw8Obg

KKocaarslan says:

what lens did you use in this work Emily?

Maggy C.A. says:

I love your work. I was try to do the same, Put i don’t have a beauty dish. I get now. Thank you for ur vidio..

Mihajlo Velkov says:

thats added in post, with gradient tool in photoshop 🙂

soiledmytrousers says:

Hey Emily! Great work! Can you please explain how to get the sun flare/glow effect in the upper right corner of the pic at 1:42? Its driving me nuts trying to figure it out! Thank you 🙂

JimEphin says:

wow! amazing! i confuse! when the sun so shine and u using flash for take photo but ur photo still dark ……….. i try and the result is burn!

MightyJoeEngineer says:

Lightroom & Photoshop.

meetsn i says:

Amazing! what program do u use to edit ur pictures? I want to make my picture like this
I really like it, it’s so beautiful.

SUFAU001 says:

YOMG your work is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry! LOL….

Emily Soto says:


Emily Soto says:

Lightroom and Photoshop

Andres Conejo says:

Amazing! How many inches is the Beauty Dish you’re using her:)

hleemahhfawkerr says:

If you don’t mind, I was wondering what program do you use to edit your pictures? I really like your work, please keep them coming and lastly,can you make a tutorial video on editing pictures and lighting? Thank You.

Emily Soto says:


Emily Soto says:

thank you! Happy New Year!

Emily Soto says:

thanks for watching :)

Emily Soto says:

thanks! 🙂

Emily Soto says:

thanks for watching!

Emily Soto says:

I was using the ab1600 as fill and sunlight for rim and side lighting mostly. I hope to have some on my blog soon!

Emily Soto says:

thanks! I hope to have Photoshop tutorials soon

Emily Soto says:

mola beauty dish with Alien Bee 1600

Emily Soto says:

yes I hope to in the future, until then check out my blog for lighting setups

Emily Soto says:

you got it! Thanks for watching! 🙂

nikonuser2u says:

Alien be as Key & ambient as backlighting & fill, beuty dish, and added reflector, 200 mm around F4 ~ F2.8, poloriser filter & possibly nd filter. thats what it looks like to me.

sglaw007 says:

Great looking images. Also wondering about the lighting. Any tutorials planned?

colormemandy says:

what brand/kind of light was that in the beginning?

disruptfam says:

amazing images! Question were you using the ab1600 as key and sunlight as fill or other way around? Or did you match the ambient light with the artificial? A tutorial would be awesome on how you use flash with the sun Would be awesome!

mwelzy says:

gorgeous model and images

Ray Haslam says:

great work as always

Etsuko Naka says:

It is great!

lil019 says:

great set! thank you for including the BTS and the final shot 🙂

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