[FRAMED] Episode 7: Mallory Morrison Underwater Fashion Photographer

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Learning studio strobes and studio techniques are a challenging and fun process….now imagine adding water. Holding your breath, not being able to communicate to your model, etc. Mallory Morrison started as a dancer and took those artistic skills as a trained photographer and dancer to the water. Today, Mallory takes us underwater to shoot a fashion spread for Live Orange County Magazine. Photographer: Mallory Morrison Facebook Stylist: Devon Poer, www.devonpoer.blogspot.com Model Lyz Harris Assistants: Liz Bretz, www.lizbretz.com Shiloh Strong, www.shilohstrong.com Makeup: Alice Coloriti, photocrew.com


iZack85 says:

This is one of the most amazing kind of photography l have seen before , she is great!!!

Kim Jansen van Rensburg says:

Wow, great interview! Very inspired and very impressed with Mallory’s ease and love for her underwater photography.

sondos006 says:

Impressive as always
everytime i see a new episode i’m becoming more inspired <3
that is a really great great thing
thanks a lot you guys <3

hmmartinez26 says:

Great work guys, Thank you to the grew and everyone involved on this videos. Keep up the great work you are doing.

Jason Laurain says:

Another great episode !!!

juliexiongdesign says:

Mallory would make a gorgeous model herself!

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