DSLR Video – Advanced – Cinematic Color Grading

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Check out all 30 presets for Premiere, AE, Sony Vegas Pro, and Sony Vegas Platinum on our new website: www.neumannfilms.net Link # 1 – Reference Clips and Color Presets – www.mediafire.com Link #2 – Neat Video – www.neatvideo.com Link #3 – Crazy Delcy Letterbox Pack – crazydelcytv.com Link #4 – Gorilla Grain (Free Film Grain) – gorillagrain.com The contrast and brightness levels were sort of compromised by my screen capturing software but if you download the shots and follow along it shouldn’t be an issue. Also in shot #3 I decreased the Contrast in the LUT Preset to 15 for the lower half of the shot. Check out our website or like and follow on Facebook and Twitter: www.neumannfilms.net www.facebook.com twitter.com


biterocco says:

Thank you.

SuperSetCA says:

Great walkthrough for your workflow. Any reason why you don’t use scopes at all?

mulondo latif says:

you really outstanding

KyleInNYC says:

Luke, your stuff is great. I agree the last shot is amazing. If I may ask, what was your fstop, shutter speed and ISO settings on that shot? I have a hard time getting such a wide depth of field with any kind of exposure level that’s working.

Also, selective sharpening is a great idea. Thanks!

bonanzabo says:

Thanks for the tutorials. I was wondering if you use a special monitor and/or calibration method to make sure you are getting the most accurate color grading?

TheRealK6 says:

In my opinion, I think that first clip where you feathered the background before applying the letterbox…. that last feathering step made it look like it was fake. After the feathering it looks like the guy is sitting in front of a green screen, and the creek was CGI into it. Then again, thats just my opinion. I’m still a beginner that is learning and love the stuff you are teaching me about the different grains.

Neumannfilms says:

Because as soon as I uploaded it I discovered (through people commenting on that video) a MUCH easier workflow. Will actually be covered in a RED/Premiere tutorial I’m uploading today so make sure to check that one out!

Neutraliable says:

Hey Luke, why did you take down your video about rendering and exporting? I thought it was very useful and I needed it 🙁

monofono2006 says:

what are your computer specs?

Is it really strong or can I do all of this on a core 2 quad?

yuliauleea says:

Looks Awesome!!

vispaaja says:

The preset link is dead, please post a new link

amos antoine says:

what cam was used?

VJappe says:

i cant seem to find the presets, can you give another link? its says : Sorry, we can’t seem to find what you’re looking for.”

hayk7 says:

make this kind of workflow for Edius 6 also please!!!

Kefda Viajero says:

Why 16 bit per channel ?

handyparkour says:

Great tutorial !!

mohsen jabali says:

Wow Fantastic introduction for this Film , sorry Can you tell me What are editing programs you work on them ?

LL012206 says:

Do u make also music video , or do you wanna make one please??

vispaaja says:

Very nice video, thank you!

Naipalata says:

match the video with ur comp setting

ArtisticSkylight says:

Fantastic tutorial, I’ve learned more about color grading techniques in the last 18min then in the last 6 months! After Effects is a powerful tool which I have yet to master, but your presets are dynamite and provide a jump start to perfect those great cinematic looks! What a time time to be an indie filmmaker! Thanks Luke for providing some inspiration and creative technical know how!

Kevin Hutzler says:

Hey Luke, great work. I was just wondering what the correct way you export your corrected files from AE, back into your timeline in your NLE?

TheJigHQ says:

Wow… awesome tutorial!!!

Tyler Macey says:

What picture style did you use for this?

TMZnewz says:

I also just purchased the presets. Where is the download link?

NMHAJA says:

I was wondering how you go about color grading your films. Do you drop the entire film into After Effects after you have it all edited together, or do you drop in single clips then edit them together after they have been individually color graded? Otherwise how do you colorgrade them exactly the same?

5ilver42 says:

very helpful stuff

Lil Timme says:

What’s up guys! I just purchased the presets. In what form are the arriving in?

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