GIMP 2.8 Tutorial – Fire and Flames

or copy the link This GIMP tutorial demonstrates how to create fire and flames. GIMP version 2.8.0 was used for this video. This is a good tutorial for beginners. Link to pan of water image http GIMP website


A. Cota says:

Awesome video. Clear and concise.

EyeLean5280 says:

Wow, excellent! Very professional teaching techniques. If you are not a teacher or professor now, you sure would be great at it.

Izhar Izhar says:

Actually, for a more realistic fire effect, set Shadows as this: Cyan = 100. Magenta = 30. Yellow = -30. Same goes for Midtones. Cyan = 100. Magenta = 30, and Yellow = -30. But for the Highlights, set Cyan = 100, Magenta = 0 and Yellow = -100.

^^This is the best fire effect you can have.

AbrakaZunda says:

Very nice, and quite helpful!  Thanks!

95Titanium says:

The flames were the first thing I leaned to draw in GIMP since I got it… thanks 🙂

x2oo92x says:


Michael Kroenlein says:

I have watched this video about 5 times, and every time, I was amazed at how easy it was. I have an idea in my head,(and I’ve been told that’s a good place to start), and I want to add flames to a picture of the ocean and surf that I have. Please let me know if this can be done, or if I’m out of my mind and just a pyromaniac. Thanks for all your videos, this is a great program, and I would have hated it, if not for you showing me how to play with it!

melissa Leach says:

i’m looking for a tutorial for cloning two images into one picture and add a different background to it. and second tutorial with cutting out images and adding image to another photo. thank you very much…

melissa Leach says:

you always have tutorials, i like the stuff that you do and keep it coming cause you’re the best. i will enjoy learning from you.

Maeroa145 says:

Fantastic presentation thanks a lot for that God Bless

dingolovethrob says:

excellent tutorial. thank you. I knew gimp was very powerful but had no idea it had the ‘render’ feature! And all I’ve been doing with it was adjusting brilliance & contrast ! DOH !

alakadaka1998 says:


jacob mouser says:

i think my version is different suggestions

justin serrano says:

are you one of those instructor robots that seem to give a very detailed, step by step instructions. Cause you know, you seem to do a nice job explaining this.

Jan Vrána says:

Finally someone from whom I can learn to work with GIMP. Thanks

zombystyle says:

thats awesome dude, very creative, it’s just like compisiting which i’m trying to learn, I do alot of short video’s and this is stuff I like to incorporate into my videos for visual effects, thanks for ur tutorials very much appreciated.

Rollie welker says:


dylan kurrle says:

i cant send my pic to my dad he want to see then i can get them out of edit mode

shshdyhdcffvgg says:

why don’t u make tutorials using python fu or script fu

TheDouglasqb says:

good afternoon. My name is Douglas and I’m from Brazil. Your videos are really good. Thanks for posting your expertise. I’m learning a lot. God always bless you in your life. Hugs and God enlighten!

Bruno E. Santos says:

Thanks for the ease.

TheRomanianHistorian says:

I’m trying to fill in the selection as you do with white but it won’t show up as white. What am I doing wrong and someone please tell me.

TheRomanianHistorian says:

OK so I have GIMP 2.8 and I was using this tutorial on a project and everything was going fine. Now I am trying to apply the flames to my picture and I’m getting a retarded error message that won’t let me use the plugin. I can’t find any find any file that says plugins in my F file. I need help to get it working because my image is totally ruined and I am about to go insane!! Someone with a lifesaving idea please help me.

Dann858 says:

How do you get the screen with the bucket fill tool etc.? (At the left top corner)

11schubert says:

Another easy to follow beginner Gimp tutorial. I used a different container (I didn’t see the link). I had to add a layer with a black selection because the container I was using had a light interior. The image came out much better than I had expected. Thanks for the intro to color balance and curves, etc.

oskarwerewka says:

Thanks that cool stuff for me to learn how to work with gimp.

sapphireangels7 says:

You’re a God-send!! Whew!!! My Goodness!! : )

TheMalni says:

I like your tutorials as they are well put together, thanks for sharing your knowledge 🙂

Skylord MCI says:

I used this to put flames into a photo of me…it looked like I were in fire :O

Modthra3000 says:

that was fantastic!

tutor4u says:

The setup that I use is single windows mode. Just go to the “Windows” menu, at the top of the GIMP window, and select”Single-Windows Mode.”

wordupgun says:

Great, well made, easy to follow tutorials. Thanks very much. I have a couple of requests. Could you do a tutorial for GIMP beginners about setting up GIMP as you have it set up in your videos. Also could you do tutorials for flaming text and also movie posters with picture blending etc. Thanks for all your hard work and helping those who are just starting out with GIMP 2.8, much appreciated.

BeugsTheLegend says:

Oh my god I’ve been fighting with these stupid windows for so long and I’ve never been happy with them. Single window mode is their greatest improvement yet! Lol!

Jam Rae says:

Ahhh this so amazing more tutorials soon please? Having a total nerd fest atm

quinton1st says:

Thanks very inportant info

routemans says:

very nice, informative and helpful video…thanks! :)

piupapaa says:

Could you also try to make ice crystals? Im a new gimp user and I would like to use them in my picture.

GiuTor73 says:

Can you please make a tutorial for all the different modes of layers, normal, dissolve, screen…? Thank you,

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