Gimp Tutorial: Che Yourself (Pop art spin off)

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Please comment and rate videos – this will help other people find them by ranking them higher…it takes a second 🙂 — Viva La Revolución!!! This is a variation on the Pop Art tutorial, looking specifically at how to make a Che Guevara inspired image. Shortcut Keys Used: Shift+Q = Toggle Quick Mask Ctrl+Shift+I = Invert Selection Ctrl+Shift+A = Deselect All Ctrl+M = Merge All Visible Layers


fourmidgets says:

Wut. why not?

evelsteev says:

You can’t save this as a JPEG, buddy.

erek201 says:

wrong…its crtl+i

Sami Odermatt says:

you sound like the guy from arthur. hahaha its awesome

TheHagsy says:

you can also invert the selection from the select menu.

Gordon Jurgensmeyer says:

Why can’t I get that to work?

pupopo17 says:

hahahah 1:20 camstudio

clipseforlife says:

How do u make the background white Because my background keeps comming out black

T.A. B says:

now can the face be coloured a different colour?

TheHagsy says:

ctrl + shift + i

TheHagsy says:

Che Jackson, cool tutorial man.

Zachajew97 says:

5:02 What did he say? Ctr+Shift and what? Please help me!

JaymarkChannel says:

thx mate..good fun!

fallingman23 says:

Thanks Very helpful

Rik4100 says:

i also know a easy way to do this with just a simple filter in Paint.NET

adonis993 says:

just “Ctrl+I” Hit select on the menu and you’ll see “Invert”….and the keyboard shortcut

PeaceNinjaClothingCo says:

You’re my new teacher, thanks!

ceecee dee says:

turned out beautifully for me.

ElongatedVowels says:

It doesn’t work. I tried.

somas09 says:

Simple, straightforward, well done. Thanks.

Daniel Mendez says:

gracias aprendí mucho no sabía… y me hice mi fotico tipo che xD buen día

stijnservaes says:


hannibalflo says:

great use of quckmask, thx for the idea! 😀

willz100 says:

cant i just do the backround colour 1st

The007x2 says:

Help, I do the ctrl+shift+I thing, but when I go to fill it in after everything is done, it will only let me fill in the part that I coloured over.

jasiuthebest says:

i wonder how a black person is gonna do this

Drugs4Fr33 says:

Hello Malgalin
Well your tutorial is great and i wanted to ask you if you could help me bit.
I wanted to create a picture with me standing but the background should be simple kinda the battlefield Bad company 2 theme and me pretty dark and at some places in flames. Maybe you have a look in google for some Battlefield bad company 2 pics or Battlefield 3 🙂
thx a lot
cheers jojo

SimonDCFC24 says:


Majitomayito says:

What is the name of the software??

FlexxArtist says:

The best things in life are the simplest 🙂 So just stay away from girls is what I’m trying to say.

Miguel1724 says:

Why is it that everytime I make the threshhold effect, the picture becomes pixelated?

snoof888 says:

you remind me of desmond from Lost

Cheddarswiss21 says:

wow this is simple

xXMapleVodkaXx says:

no no no, the program is CALLED Gimp. It stands for GNU Manipulation Program.

queenpardey says:

Love the video but could you show us how to do “retro pop art”? please

pattyboi55 says:

wanker… aye im a gimp cause i dont know which computer program this is??? wise the fuck up dickhead, why even comment ?? ..cunt.

pattyboi55 says:

is this photoshop??

pabloindustries says:

“HE PUT IT WRONG”.. after that it actually doesn’t seems that way, but ok, if you say so…

antonidar67 says:

*cough* i know its for people who are using new gimp dumbshit

pabloindustries says:

*cough*… old video, old Gimp? 😛

antonidar67 says:


onbeyondzebrabydrs says:

I think I know what the complicated question person was asking you to do, imagine a picture of an apple on a table, now imagine that everything is black and white except for the apple, it’s actually a very pretty effect and I would be interested in learning it.

Catty872 says:

These gimp tutorials are really helping me out, I just started using the program.

James Doud says:

Very good tut, just what I was looking for so I to can be a counter revolutionary poster.

iNiightmareAv says:

at some parts you sound like john lennon 🙂

Bindaas High says:

thanks man!

Rummelhart says:

I’m SUPPOSED to be following your vector tutorial, but all the Youtube candy are belong to you. And now I find out you’re cute? Not fair! Anyway, back to the vectors…. Might as well subscribe, while I’m at it.



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