Photography Tutorial 9 (Flash and Shutter speed)

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In this months episode we explore basic shutter speed and flash synchronization concepts. I also discuss buying a good flash. If you haven’t bought the DVD this video shows the true POWER of owning this teaching wonder as we jump from subchapter to subchapter to learn our specific subject matter today. ORDER your DVD at WOW you read all this……. NICE Free shipping worldwide for a limited time.


avasak saleem says:

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Mehedi Hasan says:

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startphotography says:

Awesome video. Thanks for the tutorial!

DISTER Rondon says:

lol… Cancun

justanotherdude22 says:

Asturias playing on the background, I love you dude (=

Verbloten says:

Hi mate – If I am working in manual mode and I want to use flash.. I’m confused about this.. If I meter with the flash on the camera activated then this is what I need to use to adjust the manual settings?

Sandeep Samson says:

WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY…THE TEACHER WILL APPEAR ..Thats Great and sooo true to me that i was searching the introductory lessons and i got ur tips thankz and Big GOD Bless U

snake3021 says:

Here’s an interesting tip for anyone that didn’t think of it………..I went camping recently and wanted to get some pics of possums at night. I used a very small torch on the possum just so the camera could auto focus on it then shot the pic using the flash. They turned out really well

abalaja2010 says:

$24 x 42peso = 1008

Talifay says:

I am so totally your fan!!! Your DVD is on my wish list!!!

Angelo Maralit says:

Hey awesome video! Very informative. I got one more question though: for bounce flash, is it safe to leave the flash in AUTO/TTL mode?

nayavskate100 says:

thanks man you great thanks for your help !!!

nayavskate100 says:

thanks man you great thanks for your help !!!

imran khan says:

dude you’re great. 

ivandelafetv says:


vcano says:

how do feel about the bracketing options on the DSLR (ie the Nikon D5000) Do you ever use it, would you ever recommend beginners to use it?

vannicolai says:

Shutter speed = ambient light

FontanaKnowledge says:

Light intensity changes throughout the day based on cloud cover, time of day and even what direction you are facing. I would suggest adjusting your shutter speed and watching your cameras meter so that it creates a proper exposure. It is normally a pretty fast shutter speed at 2.8 and you are right about the low ISO such as 100. I hope this helps.


fuzmik says:

after watching this, ideas and scenarios are popping up inside my tiny brain.
At what shutter speed do you suggest when shooting @ f2.8 and for iso, I’m guessing low because we already are shooting at large aperture? (setting is a sunny day)

FontanaKnowledge says:

@apothecaries2006 its $24.95 USD You can order from my website photomagicsocal . com or email me @ photomagic001@yahoo . com and I can send an invoice.

Thanks for the support. I appreciate all the help I can get =o)


apothecaries2006 says:

hi.. i want to buy your dvd. im from philippines. how much?

PIMikeProd says:

ahahaha “Beautiful women doing beautiful things” that’s just the best phrase I’ve ever heard! btw thx for the vids, you’re really helpful

rushtojins says:

@rightz06: no mate, not yet, still figuring it out 😉

rightz06 says:

did u figure out about the flash pulses, i cant find it on my T1i, if i put it on AI SERVO flash wont do pulses, the bad thing is i cant re-frame coz it goes out of focus..

rightz06 says:

for a T1i i cant find the Focus assist. but if i put it on AI SERVO flash wont do pulses wich is pretty good the bad thing is i cant re-frame coz it changes my focus when i do that.. whats ur idea?

ambadi74 says:

great tuturiols, have been going through all of them.You are doing a great work. Thanks for the motivation and inspiration..u simply rock

FontanaKnowledge says:

I send the disk via U.S. mail and charge $4.75 USD to ship. I am not sure about your taxes but I have mailed to many places and have never had complaints. If you do order it, let me know how it all goes =o)


Paulo Massarde says:

man i really d like get your dvd, but the last time that i tried it. this dvd that i ordered(digital retouching) was 3 times more expensive. (and a hole of shit)
 i payed the exportation, importation and some tax. i live in london.
was just a hell.
every happen coz the guy sent me the dvd as a company .
if i buy your do you think i ll have the same problem?

sorry about my english i am from brazil.

ps: tks for de video just great like always

Dave Bott says:

Very cool tutorial. I’m new to flash photography and am using my buddy’s Canon 430EX Speedlite. Your youtube tut’s are helpful. Thanks.

Siyiwa says:

Thanks. You are like a professor. For visual learners like us, we now understand what our manuals are trying to tell us. You make phtography a fun thing to do. Thanks again!

FontanaKnowledge says:

Go into your cameras menu and turn off focus assist.

FontanaKnowledge says:

There is a mode on some flashed that will allow you to do just that. It is called the High speed sync mode. It is signified by a lightning bold next to an H.
I hope this helps


snakekid33 says:

How can you use flash when shooting at very high shutter speeds?

rushtojins says:

hi mate, i a newbie…u mentioned about the flash pulses, i fidddled with my settings and now i get that pulses while camera is to fix that, plzz help…

rushtojins says:

hi mate, i a newbie…u mentioned about the flash pulses, i fidddled with my settings and now i get that pulses while camera is to fix that, plzz help…

Xeo989 says:

You Rock!!!!

sprocketrsvr says:

Sorry for the amatuer question but i get all the different shutter speeds but how do you actully chage the shutter speed ? i have a nikon slr runs film not digital like how do i actully know what speed its at ?

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