Photoshop Tutorial: Make Advanced Hair Selections with Masks -HD-

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to make advanced selections using masks in Photoshop CS5. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE because there will be a new tutorial every week. Follow me on Twitter @RiverCityGraphx Like us on on facebook: Suggest tutorials at For project files, help forums, and more check out the website at http For business related inquires contact us at


LadyWoodoak says:

I had the same problem. Create a Layer Mask with the basic selection then right click on the new mask and select Refine Mask.

a4kataBG says:

I’m on PS CS6 and I can’t find the “masks” in the window bar….where do I look?

Bonny Howana says:

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Le Tigre says:

Awsome tutorial, all is ok thank u to share this nice tutorial i will follow all ur tutorials soon 🙂

Rick Perme says:

Yes, always the same background that way they don’t complicate their lives.. Good video never the less but next time try a real photo with every day back ground then will see!!!!!
Surprise!!!! not so simple then….

Phil Hasenkamp says:

Exactly. Dumb tut.

Chandana Susantha says:

useful tutorial but white background selection normally very easy…

turnipbug says:

yah these fancy extraction tutorials are always done with a solid color background. thats not real world stuff for the most part.

3DFULLHD says:

nice tutorial, but how i can change the background color ? i try to change the background color with paint bucket but it didn’t work for me

Yha Jing Zhou says:

wow, ? someone mentioned what background? I learn something everyday. thanks….

Mareks Perkons says:

you chose easy picture dark hair and nearly white background try white background and ash blond hair what is why i came here for

Tom Whipple says:

I know I can understand all these people making these, Sometimes I wonder if they do it for themselves ,, makes them feel like an instructor, get brave you guys give us one that shows you really are good and know PS, extract hair that is standing in front of busy similar color backgound ya know like in real life not in a friggn studio, ,,,

Thomas V says:

Also looking for a tutorial on hair selection but every single one has a pure white background. One click of a button that is… Why would I watch a 5 minute tutorial on how to select a white area…

Tom Whipple says:

come on,,,, white background,,,,, 

dilrasan says:

Very Useful…

picolamiamor says:

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photographytrick2 says:

tutorial that helps at all

ghostofsin says:

Helpful tutorial !

MSR8MASR says:

why so many negative responses saying “i can do it better” ?
if you can do it, do it and let ppl learn something new to them
Thanks so much it was so beneficial for me 🙂

Antony Monteiro says:

cool tut man,, keep it coming,, thanks,,, helped a lot

Lengo67 says:

Wow! On a completely high contrast background, you had to go through all this extra work. PS CS5 couldn’t determine what you wanted. I can only wonder how difficult it would be if the background was complex.

Marco Calia says:

ottimo video istruttivo e utile grazie


Raw Rew says:

Aw comon, you didn’t even let us see how it looks the image looks like on a plain black background? I have worked with this technique before and had to check the selection on white, transparent AND black. I am pretty sure the selection wouldn’t look better on a black background when you duplicate the image. Anyway, this is a good tutorial. Very well explained, just don’t make the result “look” good when it isn’t.

Clip9000 says:

So Awsome thx uuuuuuu!! =D

rodica69 says:

For my case (light blond hair on white background) worked perfectly. Thanks!

linuxbox25 says:

tutorial isn’t really good because it’s simple to cut out hair against a background like this. kinda useless.

ShonaBilli says:

ur tut is very nice and i was wondering wich program do u use for making the tuts to capture ur screen cause one i ve got is rl bad and in the end all the words are blurry 🙁 so if u can pls tell me or link me here the programm …


Thanks for the tut, really helped

Arek Pelka says:

realy white background? Who need that video?

Charief Taymour says:

Respects from CAiro , Egypt !

Serkan Balta says:

nice job, thsi tutorial is very useful.
thank you.

Franklin David says:

Very well explained, works well with contiguous colors also.

Bj Leichter says:


Alissa afgohniSlayer says:

i had to pause the video, because i want to wish u death, u know why? because the way u swallow ur saliva drives me nuts, u fucking cunt i hope u die in a carfire, why didnt u drink a lot of fucking water before u made this fucking video. annoying fucking bitch. i hate bitchesw who swallow like that. i hope u swallow ur tongue

Uzoru Tokuhisa says:

The best method, thank you

Dane Custance says:

Hold crtl + space + left mouse button whilst moving the mouse forward or back to zoom in or out dynamically.

SarSarFTW says:

So helpful -3

Thian Lynx says:

Thank you very much it has helped to remove colours that i don’t need video really helped.

Tee Baychew says:


bqambro1 says:

X-Cel Ent! VG presentation. i followed along using an image with trees in the background and got great results. Thank you.

webhostingsreview says:

Thanks guys for the video this was really help full the information you provided was ecaxtaly what we needed, great channel as well please fee free to stop buy or video’s and leave a comment. thanks

Jui Bhandarkar says:

how to zoom? 🙁

loosiipoosii says:

ohh thankxx man it’s works… u rocks .. thankxx alot … luv u friend

lopez7329 says:

Correction..Select Refine Mask.There is no selection for Refine Edge.My mistake.

lopez7329 says:

Click the box with circle in the middle in the layers tab between the layer fx and create new fill or adjustment layer icons..When prompt to “mask edge”simply right click your mask and select “Refine edge”to open the refine mask window as shown at 1:48.It took me a few tries but I eventually found it.

loosiipoosii says:

hey i am using cs6 extended version .. but there is no option for masking in widows ..

KAJSKK says:

Well said Sky. My follow up question would be if you know anyone or of any tutorial that focus on that problem here on youtube, or on any other website?

I do find this tutorial very simple and nice tutorial.

Nikola Avramovic says:

why i get this /dxygh ? pff

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