Photoshop Tutorial :: Using the Extract Filter

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Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Learn to use the extract filter!


jonathan tamez says:

man i got windows 8 and i cant use corel

Felician Galgau says:

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TheBlueUFO says:

I like the way this guy talks.

Ps Down says:

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umer saleem says:

Download link

WillTheThrill5252 says:

New Video on how to make a youtube background in photoshop with the NEWEST template

TheBigsteely101 says:

I just created a drawing in photoshop. I would like to now take that drawing (without the white background) and inset it into another photoshop project that I have going on. Can you explain how I can do this without using the feature to extract? One thing I should note is that I used dodge and burn features on some layers. Thanks Cory

henchman99942 says:

How do you filter youtube results? I am asking in this video because some dillhole put it at the top of my search. So obviously it is the most relevant video to my search parameters.

I want to filter out minecraft videos from my searches on survival. How do you do this? There are no lists of filter commands anywhere. Even the simplest of search/filter engines allow you to add “NOT” or “-” (Minus) to block out specific results.

Hey youtube, WTF?

omar perez says:

You guys should check out this videos out they are really helpful

omar perez says:

You guys should check out this videos out they are really helpful

drarvindr says:

isn’t masking with the pen tool easier? which would you recommend?

Gabor Szoelloesi says:

How can you resize the extracted image???

david k says:

lol 2006 😛

ShelterDogs says:

Why use the Extract filter over the Magic Wand? In the past, I’ve used the magic wand to select a part of the image to remove. I wasn’t aware of extract. Lots of problems with the wand, so this is nice. The wand often selects the wrong things or not what you want to select.

AnthonyzCraZyHaBiT says:

Sounds like AntVenom

CoDMW3Fans says:

TutorialTube(.)net Educate Yourself!

2010Fethi says:


chezo12 says:

help me please? when i click on the eraser and i try to erase the background that was left over it doesnt rub it out!? someone please help me

ZoorGoo11 says:

thissss guyyyyy!

MrTurbine777 says:

Couple more tips. Don’t use the history brush. You can but you see in this tut one of the issues with it. I normally duplicate the image (not just the layer). Then use the Clone Stamp tool and you can zoom in on one pixel and with a 1 pixel brush set it perfect. The benefit of this is you have another untouched version to look at while you work.

The other thing is don’t do this on a trans, bg. Create a white and black layer (2 total), and go back and forth depending on the pic.

MrTurbine777 says:

Great tut, thanks!

Just as a helpful tip, rather than trace straight and angled lines like your first image using freehand, simply click one spot, then go to the end of the line you want it to draw, hold shift, then click again. It will connect both places where you clicked. A huge time saver and makes life so much simpler 😉

evilpaperclip13 says:

MAGNETIC LASO! 😀 save’s my life. doing it this way would kill me XD

QuantumBunk says:

Hey I have a black & white photograph someone wants to have printed on some shirts. They want me to print black ink on khaki shirts. I need to show them what it will look like first. Is there any way to separate just the black part of the photo, put it on a layer, on top the khaki layer below so client can see how the shirt will look w/ just black ink printed on the shirt? I tried w/ magic wand but the separation is just bad- still has too much opaque white in there- I only need the black parts

MsEjmak says:

Great video, thank you a lot!

DivineCountry says:

freekin fantastic thanks!!

MulksterProductions says:

661,282 people didn’t use extraction.

oOJampisOo says:

My favorite part is when he showed selection techniques.

D1Champ08 says:

that was a little rough..

marbogi90 says:


Iglitchlife says:

@TheOnlyRoxtar Thanks 😀
I downloaded the Extract filter too 😛
I think refine edges is better. Waste of space that download. Oh well xD

Iglitchlife says:

@TheOnlyRoxtar Refine Edge? I’m using Cs5 as well and cannot find it for the life of me 😛
Could you possibly tell me where exactly it is or if i need to download anything else to get it?

mystic821 says:

Best tutorial I’ve come across. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

BTtutorials1 says:

w ww . ttutorials. t k

kermitek91 says:

So which version is it?

anguthywali says:

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nokhazali says:

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strawberry1914 says:

thank you so much!

onat del santos says:

i think this is not easy but thank you for sharing now i know what the use of extract filter.

l2hetoric says:

It’s much more effective when dealing with hard edges to use the lasso tool when ‘cleaning’ up the edges.

ITheDanielChannelI says:

You can download it on the Adobe website, search google for extract filter photoshop and you’ll find it 😀

hikatty says:

why my extract filter disappeared ? I mean it was there the last time I saw it !

Dominic Austin says:

Excellent guide, very helpful.
And Lols to the CS4 users… CS3 is the way forward.

Edgaraks says:

hey, try Alt+Ctrl+X )))

hesoyam04 says:

alophotoshop says:

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Kevinonloll says:

Much easier with lasso tool.

Christopher Lee says:

The extract filter is horrible. Just use the magic wand when you can, if you cant just cut it out yourself. It’s slow but it’s exact. The only time I use channels to extract something is on hair.

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