The Art of the Headshot – Google+ Photographer’s Conference

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When celebrity photographer Peter Hurley created a short training tutorial on one of the secrets behind creating great headshots, it created tremendous buzz throughout the photography community on G+. Peter instantly became a hero to many portrait photographers who now had a proven and repeatable new technique that could instantly transformed their portraits. Now, the man behind the video is here to show you how to create stunning headshots for anyone, through posing techniques and getting your subject to deliver the kind of emotion and expression that makes all the difference in the world. Produced by


fuzzyorama says:

“I started shooting guys”

Victoria Young says:

Good day! Have you tested photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My friend Christina made some great pics with their video tutorials.

funincluded says:

If you want his lessons, buy his DVD. If you want to hear him talk and learn a little bit, watch this

SLRist says:

Usual raah-raah self-promotional bull crap.

Delawer Mo says:

Not Good,,, waste of time

Rachael Ferris says:

tell me about it :(

Laura Michaud says:

ok ? what if the person is curvey how do you get it where they have no double chin

jaroslaw nowak says:

This guy loves himself like hell! I bet there is no one he loves more than himself.

dragonyll says:

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Nguyen Ha says:

it seems to me he never gets to the point…..

Vineeth Jose says:

waste of time!

mandystaver says:

I wish school picture photographers would watch this guy! Those shots NEVER show your kid’s best expression! How many of your kids’ pictures have this fake smile that you’ve never seen in your life and you dread handing them out to all your relatives?!

fetteforskrudd says:

This guy is awesome

ferencowa says:

45:40 it sounded like he didnt have 5 things to bring out confidence, but i’ve seen the dvd and he’s awesome at bringing out the best in people, he shows you everything that you shouldnt be doing and emidietly shows some technique you can think about instead, and he does that nonstop for hours during the shoot, and at the end they are super confident and switches looks like pro models, the fact that that’s his best quality and he doesnt even get it just makes him more awesome

krme1974 says:

that’s just the kind of guy that gives photographers a bad name. this is soooooo full of shit.

mckelvyj97 says:

Sweet! I’ve just received my free minecraft giftcode!

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bonuebonue says:

Peter Hurley rocks!!! His DVD is one of the most useful things I have invested on for my photography! And watching this video, I could rehinforce what I have learned from his DVD. Thanks Peter!!! nice done!!! Christian

gkalu1 says:

He is the best

John Flerianos says:

he has no sense of humour at all and doesn’t even sound professional. He tries too hard and fails.

missterry2009 says:

Peter Hurley was like Iron Man’s Tony Stark of photography in the beginning of the video!

Richard Lurie says:


90% Therapist
10% Photographer


trevorpinnocky says:

horacechincer there’s no reason he should give trendsetting knowledge away for free. If he wants to, that’s great, and many many photographers do, without much appreciation from the recipients I might add.

I have seen him teach many times and what he is trying to convey most certainly cannot be compressed into 10 minutes. I don’t have trouble with anyone being the salesman for their wares. More power to them. This video was also free. Want more? well you know the rest. 🙂

reginald burks says:

Google+ is just free AD space

GingerSnapsPhoto says:

that was an hour of nothing of any use…. good grief

Tony Teofilo says:

I like Hurley. But he’s vamping here. A lot. The worthwhile elements of this particular presentation could be easily edited into maybe ten minutes. He sells his tips for $300, so he doesn’t want to give it all away for free. I get it. But if that’s the case, shorten the presentation to something more focused and potent. I walked away from this with more “Buy my video” subtext than may have been intended.

Malcolm Van Atta says:

Great Talk!

Morgan Moller says:

That man definitely changed my photography and i’m hugely thankful, but quoting yourself is about the best possible way at becoming a douche.

alexstreinu says:

He is a good photographer.I stand up for him.BUT he is desperate for celebrity.His approche is kinda rough.

boilerjack says:


erics1959 says:

You can pretty much stop watching after 30 minutes. The last 20 mnutes are pretty much sales and product pitches.

rezjrprod says:

he reminds me of dane cook ROFL

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