Judge Joe Brown – Cheap wedding photographer

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Wedding Photography Secrets! #1 Book On Learning Photography. Judge Joe Brown 2010


TheBartrab says:

Wow, this is the most retarded show ever.. But whatever.. Both the defendant and the plaintiff were lying. But seriously, those pictures look horrible if you look at the composition..

brianodom says:

that’s what I was trying to say 🙂

“you should be able to expect more than an amateur”

That’s what most clients don’t understand until it’s too late.

bliss0027 says:

they paid $1300. I know some pros charge $3000 and up but $1300 is no pocket change, and the quality certainly was not even close to being worth $1300.

$1300 is a COMPLETELY reasonable price for wedding photography. Again, you wont be getting the best photographer or the biggest package but you should be able to expect more than an amateur

Spectic says:

I think Judge Joe Brown was not really doing a good job allowing the witnesses to comment. Every time they began speaking he would go on about something else again.

I’m not arguing for the defendents, though, just don’t think Judge Brown was letting them have a space to defend themselves. They are of course, shitty amateurs who deserved the sentence they got going into wedding photography with absolutely no knowledge of how their camera works and extremely basic gear and charging pro price.

BloodCellBleed says:

Sometimes you need a deeper depth of field, so you can’t use a prime lens to the max, so you need a full frame camera and with really good ISO performance.

MJmichand says:

That’s a sigma 70-300 4-5.6

Smardaz says:

Not only was the gear not suffcient (you MUST have prime lenses if you cant use flash), but the editing was horrific as well, the last time I saw a couples face superimposed over the bouquet was in the 70’s.

averagebear007 says:

I know this isn’t Reddit, but…upvote for the use of “poxy” 😀

Matt Bridger says:

And iso not ISP. I’m going to stamp on my phone now. Lol

Matt Bridger says:

Sorry about the typos. I’m on my phone and it keeps correcting everything. God knows what dictionary this poxy thing is using. I meant 5D mark 2 or 3.

Matt Bridger says:

It’s not all about kit. Higher end dale, even a 4Ever mark 2 or 3 would have made no difference in her hands. I reckon she shot on auto and I very much doubt she has shot hundreds of weddings. Whilst I say it’s not all about kit, lenses do make a difference. However opening the aperture to a wider f stop would not have been the answer as this would have caused a shallow depth of field, throwing parts of the image out of focus. A higher ISP and/or use of flash would have been the answer.

Asdam14 says:

0:15 “Whoooaaaa” perfect intro, describes Joe Brown’s character perfectly hah!

Isa Gee says:

I think this man is brilliant on many topics

tophtml1 says:

OOOPS, you caught me. I must have had a brain fart.

jlosinski says:

7:03 “ASA”- JJB is old school lol.

jlosinski says:

Can you explain to me how a small F/stop like 2.8 will slow down shutter speed? I don’t get that, if anything a larger aperture will increase the shutter speed as opposed to a smaller aperture like F/8 or F/11. Large aperture=more light hitting the sensor= faster shutter speed.

soaudaciously says:

Haha, I love the facial expression of the woman in the background at 3:44 when the defendant says “I don’t know.” 

Namerifrats says:

lol, this “professional” is like so many Facebook and Craigslist “photographers”. Get a starter DSLR….a week later they are a professional.

brianodom says:


jollyblackflag says:

I’ve heard of bridezilla, but this is the first photographezilla I’ve seen.

odessamaya3593 says:

the-so-called-professional didn’t know their lenses speed?? awful..=’=

bigjessticles96 says:

Justice has been served….niggah

Dennis Chaves says:

LOL They weren’t banking on the fact that photography is apparently Joe Brown’s hobby.

Richard Wilson says:

wow… seems to me that JJB have done his homework with the latest cameras WOW! The “pro-photographer” got busted!

Richard Wilson says:

You can still do PRO LOOKING PHOTOGRAPHY with the Rebel T2i, just don’t use the kit-lens, use the Canon EF-S 17-55 f/2.8 IS USM and you are ready to go

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