Outdoor Speedlight Portraits: Ep. 201: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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This is the first episode of Season Two and that’s why the numbers have changed from episode 75 to 201. There are no “missing” episodes between 75 and 201. In this episode Mark shows you how you can control your speed light for some creative exposure options when shooting outside.


cp3onmtv963 says:

Tru but like u said… Since its bright enough he can pull it off and still get little to no grain… No biggie…

irawansinclair says:

great job Mark….

gary e says:

Jade is Fine!!!

mynameisrits says:

So the flash doesn’t have to use too much power.

deltadave44 says:

what is the sync speed of these cameras?…

Darren Alexander says:

nice vid

Lorrena Edwards says:

great video – can you be in TV or AV and still control both ambiant and flash exposure separately or does this only work in manual – thanks for the video


Look, the guy is doing this for free. Why do people need to correct his technique?
If you have a better way, change for it and do your own video.

frankzy89version2 says:

jade is pornstar ?

UnsUpt says:

gorgeous smile + nice tits = Jade with or without flash…

Trent Wentworth says:

you do know flash output is set by ISO, distance, and F stop, he was doing that because he might not have enough power at F7.1 andISO 100….

colingtr1 says:

nvm. scracth all out that. i thought we were talking about aperture

colingtr1 says:

if you lower the iso, your camera will only use the light from the flash. if you increase your iso, you can shoot with the sun.

sclein says:

But he dont need to use that fast shutter speed..

Brian K says:

I believe barrybuttery’s comment was pointing out that Mark COULD have dropped the ISO two stops to 200 and adjusted his shutter speed down two stops (to 1/500 sec) and achieved the same exposure with a slightly higher picture quality. Mark is a pro and he knows this. I’m sure he wasn’t concerned about achieving the perfect final image quality since the point of the video was to show how the 2 exposures can be adjusted independently to achieve this effect.

d2rym says:

jade has nice tits

Chandan Singh says:

the shutter speed is pretty fast and the aperture is relatively small, making the scene overall pretty dark, hence the ISO compensation… besides most modern cameras these days handle high ISOs very well without any noticeable noise (even upto the 1600/3200)…

Chandan Singh says:

the shutter speed is fast and the aperture is relatively small, making the scene overall pretty dark, hence the ISO compensation… besides most modern cameras these days handle high ISOs very well without any noticeable noise (even upto the 1600/3200)…

Benjamin Lamy says:

Because he sets his apperture at 7.1 and speed is pretty fast to with 1/800 – 1/1600 which would make it pretty dark if only 100 iso were used, even outside.

jjaylad says:

With the 7D you stated the background was changing and Jade was staying the same when in aperture prority with the exposure compensation being changed .
She wasn’t staying the same at all and the photos you showed ..clearly illustrated that.
Her exposure was changing as much as the background.

Ivan Rojas says:

Jade has some nice cans

fred smith says:

Thanks for the great Video …

SmalltimR says:


SmalltimR says:

Think backlighting :)

Victor Gonçalves says:

I’m so canon.

joe sharpimage says:

As other people asked, why your ISO is so high. 100 is plenty and gives better quality image.Can you please explain that? Thanks

oaklandtobangkok says:

Jade is a keeper.

achilhi says:

and thanks now i know a simple thing to do with my sb910

achilhi says:

jade is really fit.

ijan Ithnin says:

Love your videos !!! Keep them coming!!!

pikachusDeMoN says:

WTF 800 and 2000 !!!!!!

aluxious says:

It’s funny how many who criticize Mark found their criticisms on fanboyism and readily call him an idiot. I am very eager to see their masterpieces if they are indeed of” rockstar” quality.

aluxious says:

@barrybuttery he needed to demo how to control shutter speed. It would have been limiting to do that with ISO100.

Misa Pisa says:

Yes, that is true!

dslaviero81 says:

Had to watch this video twice as first time I kept staring at her boobs!

usairmx says:

Nikon invented the flash c.l.s system, so what makes you think it doesn’t have separate flash/exposure compensation. learn your facts befor you go broadcasting false information. All of my Nikons does what your canons do. …only better.

jl644 says:

her face’s shadow was dark… he is after shutter speed?… ISO100? rofl i don’t think so… you would have a shutter speed between 20-30

barrybuttery says:

Why one earth would you shoot at 800iso in this light? You could shoot at 100iso no problems.

ResponsibleGunOwner says:

You’re right. Canon doesn’t. What he said was the Canon exposure compensation is independent of the flash, where the Nikon’s exposure compensation modifies both the ambient light and flash exposure.

rockstarphotographer says:

I don’t give a crap what he uses either but if one starts spreading incorrect information, *that* is really uncool. New photographers may make purchasing decisions based on incorrect information (i.e. lies) propagated through these videos and waste their hard-earned money. *THAT* is the real problem I have here.

3civette says:

The point was that the two exposures are connected in the other brands. The sponsor here is Adorama, where you can buy Canon, Nikon, Sony etc.
I use Nikon, but I don’t give a crap if Mark uses more Canon in these tutorials. Calling names is really uncool, when you have so many hours of well explained topics for free.

rockstarphotographer says:

This guy is an idiot. Exposure or flash compensation isn’t exclusive to Canon, you can find it on almost any major brand, DSLR or point-and-shoot. At least now we know which camera manufacturer was sponsoring this episode.

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