Natural Light Portraiture – Get A Little Known Secret!

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Delinz says:

Hey man i just watched a couple of your vids and i must say, i really appreciate you giving out these amazing tips. Fun to watch too! Keep it up man!

muslin backdrops says:

This is a perfect outdoor backdrop.!

Muhammad Zahid says:

This is a fantastic video and like the Karl to explain the situation in detail. 

RjMooFilms says:

Thanks for these tips.

Johan Bäckius says:

Nice video Karl!
Gorgeous model as well! Keep it up!

bastlenicom says:

Beautiful girl 🙂
Thanks for useful information.

124moviesiwatch says:

I have it. You’ll love it!

casperandrachelle says:

it’s all about passion… don’t let the gears stop you from taking good pictures. Great photographers started small.

Daweisstebescheid says:

Emma is sooo beautyful,wish her as Girlfriend,mmmhhh.
BTW. Very good video,good explain

disneaded says:

Karl, please settle over to Germany, ’cause everytime I see you the weather is amazing and the sun is shining beautifully!

InstantPyrolysis says:

Thanks a lot for this pretty interesting video. Short, straight-to-the-point. What a pleasure to watch something interesting and pertinent like this.

Spectic says:

O_O That girl is beautiful…

sweetrambutan says:

awesome!!! i will try this tips! thanks to al-Hazen.. 🙂

cpetralito says:

just awesome!!!!!!!!!

Lars Pallesen says:

with a flash 🙂

308Rentyn says:

I recently(yesterday) got a Canon T4i so I could learn to take better photos. Thanks for the videos. I have learnt so much from them. I keep a notebook near the computer to take notes while watching. I look forward to checking the rest of them out..

Danny Heng says:

Wait so if I shot with the sun behind the subject. How would I get the face illuminated without a reflector? :O

mainlymusicman says:

GreatPhotographyTips, you make everything sound so easy, i hate you.

barrybuttery says:

my word, emma is unreal =/

tumanengrannie says:


EfendievKarim says:

the name of camera?

BichLight says:

Your tips are great!
I’ve seen other videos that advertise tips but none that match your standards.

UncleRob199 says:

You see so many delusional photographers. I’m on a budget, got a 50mm 1.8 lens, and the cheapest standard lens and telephoto lens on a 550D. USE WHAT YOU HAVE. spend thousands at your own peril. But the sooner you stop spending money and start actually taking photos, the better and the more results you get. Photoshop can be good for correcting low quality lenses.

rbyrne8760 says:

i love how you talk to us during your shoots, instead of taping your shoots and recording your voice over the video. its a lot more helpful than what many people do. this is great! keep it up!

ephraim gonzales says:

Dat accent… cool xD nice tips and well done pics O.o

biutify says:

0:12 happens to me ALL THE TIME!

grabedigger says:

Gosh…just to imagine i’ve bought a 135 f/2 L lens to do this…xD

algoneby says:

Conditions, equipment, location, subject, assistant, all seem to be ideal in this situation. However, it is a great instructional, and inspirational video. Glad you made it !

MrTanker10a says:

Let’s review, it’s not the equipment or the location or the resources; it’s you can do with what you’ve got and what you are trying to accomplish…
Why can’t this Portraiture be accomplished with a 50mm lens attached to an ordinary DSLR camera?! Really? Great video!

eliopoulos97 says:

Great video and, Emma is a gorgeous model!

landofnor says:

I’ve just ordered that 85mm one two and can’t wait. I think it’s the king of portraiture lenses, but opening all the way must be hard to manage depth of field. Just remember, as long as the eyes are perfectly sharp, thats the main thing

halshazly says:

well done videos. I have been in photography for over 18 years and still find myself learning a lot from your tutorials. Thanks for posting them!.

jack johnson says:

Karl, you should do a tutorial on how to give directions to your seems so natural to you to coach them… thumbs up if you guys want that tutorial too…

Quang Huynh says:

You don’t need expensive stuff to get quality images. I shot beautiful portraits with a D7000 + 55-200 before. Even though having 1.2, 1.8, 2.8 aperture lenses help, you can still achieve nice photos with the 55-200. I suggest cranking the 55-200 to the 200mm focal length, and then compose by moving your feet. To achieve nice bokeh, pull it to 200mm and fill the frame.

BaddaBigBoom says:

I have a 250 quid EOS 350D and an 80 quid 50mm 1.8 which do perfectly ok. I’d stop a passer by and get them to hold the reflector (no worse than a foreign tourist asking you to take their pic on a point and shoot) so yes indeed, it’s all about attitude !

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