Photoshop Tutorial: Abstract Explosion

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Here’s a 15 minute tutorial on how to create a geometric, abstract explosion or starburst. I used the same technique for the channels VideoGames and TheSyndicateProject. Pretty straight forward and easy to re-create. Have fun! Music by Black Soil, song name is “Black Wednesday”. Listen to more Black Soil & follow at: Follow me twitter and facebook for laughs and random nonsense: ————————————————– Additional Credits: Intro by FallenHDGaming:


baretings1 says:

Aweomse tutorials man, im subbing.
Also, how long di dit take you before you where good enough on photoshop to be able to just make things that look good?

I have been using PS for about 1 month now and I have just learnt all of the tools but i cannot make things that actually look good yet, any tips?

HeroVoltsy says:

Wow this is awesome im going to try it 🙂

DemoncChivas says:

Cmd E

Olie Baron says:

i got stuck on the: flatten these all together… 10:44, i’m on a mac and Ctrl y, Ctrl i, Cmd Y and Cmd i, doesn’t work. please help

Aleksandar aco says:

Hello there, have you heard about “Photo SFXart Tricks” (do a Google search for it)? There you will find a smart free video explaining the way to shoot impressive photographs. This made it possible for Joe to create photographs which have that jaw-dropping-effect whenever you take a look at them. I hope it will help you as well…

13Rec13 says:

thanks a lot it helped me with my project ill send you on your mail

jSzydPlays says:

I had the same issue. I used the regular fill command rather than the fill background command that he used. That seemed to fix it for me.

JustTwoGuyzzz says:


Dragamorphous says:

the ine tool doesnt make aline for me it makes a arrow i have cs6

SlanderPerson says:

so this is the problem. im using photoshop cs5, and when i select the first shape within the original one, and try to dodge the color, it does nothing. why?

donotwatchme1 says:

Do you think you could do another tutorial? Some time, one you don’t use something you’ve used and scaned on the computer

byCredz says:

Hehe 😉 <3

ZER0value says:

Your a legend for saying that <3

byCredz says:


GodfatherGaming1 says:

Your a F*$^&*ing beast when it comes to GFX design!!!!!

TheJoKeR1713 says:

With the unnecessary language my angry friend, look where he clicks, it’s the magnetic lasso tool… now cool ur jets

theps3xgamers says:

where is the fucking polygon lasso tool on cs5?

XxOriginalBlazexX says:

how come the dodge and burn tools don’t always work?? if i untick protect tones it seems to work, but otherwise it doesn’t. Plz help!

Comon Flagella says:

um, i did this in ps cs5 and it worked. then i got cs6 for my mac, and then it didn´t work to dodge and burn around those lines

MrFUmiguel says:

u must be a genius to do that in 15 mins

Comon Flagella says:

you are simply a photoshop genius

Bilal Ahmed says:

You were born to be a genius !

TheGeforceGamer says:

made my own and it part of my channel backround!

deronviledwin says:

what really made me subscribe to this channel is that your the only artist with enough balls to stick with PC so i salute you sir!

elnegroable says:

Not really, try to copy exactly what he does, and take your time to listen to every step individually so you can follow while you make it yourself. Pause after every step so you can keep up and it doesn’t get overwhelming.

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