Photoshop Tutorial – Turn a Photo into a Sketch Drawing.

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In this tutorial, we show you how to take an ordinary photo, and turn it into a beautiful sketch drawing. This is a great project that will impress your friends, family, and even potential clients. Please rate, comment, and subscribe if you like what we do. Thanks Visit us on Facebook @ Follow us on Twitter @


Shawn McAfee says:

Great tutorial!

SirPeter6464 says:

There are various ways to do this. The reasons why it works is more to do with photography than art. You are manipulating the image to the principle lines. He selectively brings back part of the image for shading, but I never do that. I use brightness and contrast on the original image to get it how I want it. I then use Color Pen mask, smooth image and then sharpen. Sometimes twice. If you want to go black and white you can do that via a click.

george y says:

Thank you

MrLiwe11 says:

Well you can add art yourself. For example I want to use this technique to make a sketch of a photo so I can paint it afterwards with acrylic paint. I just don’t want to spend time sketching a photo on paper while I can do this

eirose gabriel says:

Witch Photo Sop is this

GrettyBoyCustoms says:

im just saying in a scenario where maybe someone doesn’t want to learn to draw, but has a picture they like and want it in the drawing style to maybe put on their wall or a website or something, then they could do this

porkyfedwell says:

Drawing is of no value unless it is used to create something that can’t be created by a computer. When photography was invented, there were artists who claimed it wasn’t art – but they were wrong as we all now know. The real reason they were upset was because they were being replaced by a machine. Do yourself a favor and don’t fall into the same trap.

AlexandoriaART says:

I can tell you for sure, that someone will lie and use this to seem like a good artist. I’ve seen it before.
I’m not so much offended as.. confused. Drawing is one thing. Photo manipulation is another, and I think these things should be kept apart. It’s a cool effect, yes, but I don’t think it’s… beautiful, or.. takes any skill at all.
I just don’t get it. Like.. what’s the point?

AlexandoriaART says:

This is not art. Photo manipulation can be art, but this is not one of those cases.
Photo manipulation and drawings are two different things and should be kept that way. People can just get off their butt and practice, just like every one else.

GrettyBoyCustoms says:

yeah i know, i commented before i saw the video :S
But someone could just like this style of art but might not be good at drawing

Romi791987 says:

well described , helpful

Thank you

porkyfedwell says:

Great tutorial! Wish I knew “why” these steps work though.

AlexandoriaART says:

Tracing and photo manipulation is not the same thing. 

AbrakaZunda says:

Really, really cool! Thanks so much! I actually use Gimp (I’m po AND cheap), but the basic steps are well discussed and I can work out the fiddly bits from there.

Gonna be a LOT of these given as Christmas gifts this year, which I’m sure people will rave about! Much good Karma to you, and a very Merry Christmas, too!

MurrayHerts says:

Thanks, this works really great! especially if you just go over it a bit after, add some detail where needed and some smudges.

Jann Gallen says:

Thank you! This is SUCH a better way than using sketch filters.

GrettyBoyCustoms says:

some people who are just starting drawing might not be good with proportions etc. so they might want to trace photos to get a feel for that kind of stuff, thats how i started

akashrock786 says:

you sound like peter from spiderman o.O

enginesnblades says:

Because it’s really hard to learn to draw in 7 minutes and 37 seconds lol

MusicMinisterJP7 says:

Nice! Got to try this some time.

burpzmotown says:

thanks, ill use this in my tattoo studio, awesome tutorial

František Pech says:

Yes man

motabbir hussain says:

I’ll try that later

Ardavan47 says:

Hey man
thank you for your awesome videos
really helps
post more videos

aristarhos2 says:

Thank you Cletus Delroy Spuckler

AwesomeIncOfficial says:

if this photo went any further down. You’d get a boner

TheLodjur says:

Indeed, I agree fully. Well said

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