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Phase One – www.phaseone.com Get inspired for great portraits! There is much more to a great portrait than good pose and a charismatic model. Conveying the right atmosphere in portrait photography requires creativity, good dialogue with the model and knowledge of which gear to use to capture the moment. Christian Kaufmann is an experienced portrait photographer. Based in Munich, his portrait work covers commercial, editorial and celebrity sports personalities. We had the pleasure of following Christian at a work during one of his recent projects, featuring American artist Eric Mack. You can watch the complete workflow and be inspired. Part 1 www.youtube.com Part 2: www.youtube.com Part 3 (playing): www.youtube.com Christian Kaufmann: www.christiankaufmann.com Eric Mack ericmack.com Test drive Phase One: www.phaseone.com Download Capture One: www.phaseone.com Kaufmann: “I would try to match the colors that I saw with what I see on the computer but still from seeing the piece of art on the wall onto the printed matter, you might loose bits and pieces.”


AllanYangMusic says:

Being able to watch a true professional at work really make me realize just how far I need to go before I can truly be where I should be in my photographic eye. I am learning a lot from the demeanor these pros have in working with their clients. I enjoy seeing how he takes his photo compositions to the next level with his retouch tool. Learned a lot from this video. Thank you so much. really.

Gary Rhodes says:

Dreadfultime is right, the amazing equipment he is working with is just the tools in the hand of an artists with an excellent eye. I like how simple he kept the whole shoot, just using the one light unit with a softbox or grid when he need/wanted total control of the light. Obviously it’s a a commercial for PhaseOne but it didn’t seem as much like one as other companies’ similar efforts such as Profoto.

simonbolzdotcom says:

Excellent work!

PhaseOneDK says:

Thanks for your nice feed back. You can rest assured that more will come. Please also see our two other series of this kind featuring landscape photographer Joe Cornish and fashion photographer Frederico Martins. All available on the Phase One channel.

pholux says:

What a great series! Would love to see more photographers featured like this! Shows that it’s not important to make a 6 hours DVD when you are able to build up about 15 inspiring minutes!

Dreadfultime says:

the end result its amazing, and it looks so easy… he’s got some impressive gear, but lets be honest… he’s got an amazing eye!

holockcreateinc says:

very inspiring!

Alex Malikov says:

awesome portraits

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