Wedding, Lifestyle and Portrait Photographer, Diana Elizabeth: How’d They Do That?

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Adorama Photography TV presents “How’d They Do That” featuring Diana Elizabeth. In this episode, Mark talks with Diana about her unique style of photography. Diana is a Phoenix wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer. To visit Diana’s web sites and for related articles and videos at the Adorama Learning Center, go here: Visit for more videos!


UncleRob199 says:

You got owned by an asian chick

Dinahhs3 says:

Great talent Diana 🙂

Dinahhs3 says:

Why do u care if she use Botox or not!!! It’s her business ……

maryloucries says:

None,. just a TON of makeup.

Hannes Moser says:

@Diana – don’t care about the botox message – you are an attracting woman – and you pictures are great :)

DianaElizabethPhoto says:

actually i have never used botox in my entire life – i swear on a bible. i believe it’s called being asian and blessed with good skin 🙂

jamesjohns0 says:

How much botox is this woman using

Suvirnath S says:

MARK WALLACE – A.K.A – Steve Jobs – bald wearing black shirts….

xXLovePurple says:

She’s Gorgeous!

CujoDuFlooi says:

I love your style. I like the fact that you use mainly natural light and poses. I am not a fan of posed fake pictures. Steve. ilightsoflife com

ICTLF says:

Wow a beautiful, smart girl who’s great w/ the cam. HOT!
Hands off Mark you’re already married :), but I am NOT! 🙂

ramdawgy says:

well tell her that and show her better….if you can’t thats just rude

Alejandro Ledesma says:

that lady is super hot !!!

JAHnoOtoko says:

Really enjoyed the video, although sometimes it was hard to follow her. I’m not a native English speaker and her speech seemed a lil fast to me. All in all, good video, good pictures. Thanks Mark & Adorama people!

weirdo183 says:

Asian pride! ;)

ajayonline says:

Mark great interview…

Airhardt81 says:

Thank you Adorama for these great videos. I found your channel just last week and have already watched over 20 of these.

Snakekilla12 says:

where’s the link to the products associated with the video?

CYNFELYN23 says:

1 heck of a name! And Mark you are such a good interviewer!

zrsgamboa says:

Hi Mark, I’m an avid follower of your videos… love them for their interesting and educational topics.

I have to say, that Ms. Elizabeth, aside from her skill as a photographer, has got to be one of the most beautiful photographers I have seen. She could easily be in front of the camera modeling.

Jay Malone says:

Great to see a Bible on her shelf!

ilikeinq says:

Wonderful interview. Strong practical advice along with some stylistic secrets. Superb.

tomekmisiewicz says:

i have MkII + 50 1.4 + 70-200 2.8 same as she have to do weddings as well, great kit to do that kind of photography

Michael Richard says:

As alway great job!

sheck welle says:

Super Amazing Mark!
Great Interview!

timkandy says:

Excellent interview Mark! Thank you for a great HTDT episode!

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