Baby Photography Tips & Lighting Setup

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vik bik says:

What material are you using as a white background?

Alannah Kieley says:

Hi! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (google it)? My mate Debbie made some awesome pics with their photography tutorials.

Kevin Coleman says:

What is the name of the sync you are using, 1:34

TheBurzhui says:

I feel like you are creating a pseudo softbox anyway with this double umbrella technique

TheBurzhui says:

great tutorial

qki111 says:

Great video and helpfull tips =)

dcetrtic says:

Great video and pictures but I have a feeling that the final images are photoshoped. 🙂 however, thank you!

cl teoh says:


Jalil Harris says:

What Lens Was Used?

FrenchFFI says:

Thank you, for this tutorial.
full help light set up!!! THAT4S GREEEATTT

LearnMyShot says:

should be fine

SydneyTheFox says:

Can I use constant light from my softbox with a baby of 1 week old? thanks for the great tutorial.

erzer says:

Thanks man… I’ll try that next Monday on my shoot… I’m gonna try this with one light tho…

BonusVideoView says:

Sounds like good photo tips! Please subscribe to my channel for more great videos and tips.

Sparvar1 says:

Very useful tutorial, many thanks.

killthebeast777 says:

great video dude 

rakeshlovethis says:

nice video to learn

peachy0817 says:

Excellent video!!

lotnaula says:

great video !!!!!!

Sofia Röjder says:

Thank you for this, I hadn’t thought about using a towel like that before so that was great.

lo0nyk says:

i guess 24-70 2.8L

LearnMyShot says:

it is thats why i emphasized using it at lowest possible setting

Debashis Ghosh says:

Isn’t the flash bad for the baby ?

missamna1 says:

WoW Very cute BaBy
and thanks for the tips :)))

Jota Soares says:

THanks man! Nice humble studio tooo, awesome photos! 😀

LearnMyShot says:

you can use sb900 strobe it will do fine. Background lite is to light background , if you don;t want the background bright use only one light

adhamyaadham says:

Hi…….pls have two questions:

1-If I replaced the light strobe with SB-900, can it give the same picture result you got?

2-Why ur putting speedlight behind the white background? If I to remove it, and work with one light source, will it give the same picture result you got?

Thank you.

zasvedogovore says:

Looks little distorted due to wide angle+close distance. For a second set up, there must have been significant color cast from green wall.

LearnMyShot says:

in this case i had a sheer and white backdrop so the BG light was shooting at background positioned between the layers.

adhamyaadham says:

Is the speedlight placed behind the curtians?

LearnMyShot says:

look at alienbeesDOTcom and look at tech info on these light

adhamyaadham says:

ok…..I know I’m asking a lot 🙂 I’m amazed that equipment used don’t look that “sophisticated”, yet the art in taking the pics in ur video resulting outstanding pics!
so, a studio strob as a device, you can attach on it a speedlight?

LearnMyShot says:

all studio strobes have two tubes one for modeling light which is continuous and one for flash.

adhamyaadham says:

mmm, it looks like a lamp or something: can a light speed be on all time like this? thx 🙂

LearnMyShot says:

the “yellow thing is the speedlight”

adhamyaadham says:

Hi. where is exactly the speedlight located here? is it between the double umbrella? what is this yellow device set between the double umbrella? thx 🙂

LearnMyShot says:

can you go to the site and browse lessons, find this one there are links to everything that was used.

jrandolph1046 says:

Very helpful Thanks. What kind of sheet do you have?

apo5 says:

This is very helpful, big THANK YOU :)

jahjahpascual says:

thank u so much for sharing…

LearnMyShot says:

thanks!!! Sammy (the model) is going to be a year old next week… find that tutorial on our site and post your photo there. would be great to see it

velmurugan karuppannan says:

Excellent video. the output is amazing. I am about to take my baby picture. I will be very glad if I can take the photo similar to your quality. simply amazing.

chrischris663 says:

great! i love the music, it compliments the video well :O) thanks for sharing

baymagic says:

Hello Sasha, thank you for posting a informative and helpful video. I visit your posted link there are many useful video though just so you know I cannot open your this video on learnmyshot? Thanks again,

LearnMyShot says:

Great point.
I used the strobe at a minimum power setting. I actually covered this topic in the article. If you go on the site link in video description locate this tutorial via “browse lessons” you can read my thoughts about use of flash and baby development… (sorry youtube does not allow links in comments)

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