DSLR Photography Tutorial – Shutter Speed – Important Lesson for Beginners

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Ahmed Zahi says:


gmscurto says:

Another generally helpful video. I am quickly becoming a fan of this channel. Good stuff.

Only negative, it says this is “part 1” but I cannot seem to find a “part 2”. Is the second part under a different, standalone title? Have I just missed it?

Despite that, I still recommend this series.

Louie Flores says:

thank you jibran, im learning tons from all your tutorial videos!

Yogesh Reddy says:

you video is really awesome ….. its really helpful to the beginners!!

xpetra82 says:

you are really good teacher! good!

Yash Bhatia says:

Brilliant stuff. Thanks a lot. 🙂

Megan Martin says:

This is great stuff! Thank you!

teamevironmentrescue says:

jibran , is there a video on how to use bulb mode??
if not could you make one??

PhotographersOnUTube says:

That’s night photography tutorial. The link is on the shutter speed video.

Lance Quejada says:

Where can I find the Shutter Speed part 2 tutorial? 🙂

larsie21 says:

you could try a higher iso

meshed1234 says:

Great video… Thanks for sharing the basics about photography… You make it sound so easy… That’s always the mark of a great teacher 🙂

Jahmirieon Johnson says:

for the canon model did you say change to TWI or tv

tabithasewer says:

THANK GOD I FOUND YOU!  You are absolutely resourceful!

Donnie Distler says:

I am playing with shutter speed in shutter mode, but how can i change both shutter speed and aperture? I know how to change aperture in that mode and shutter in that mode, but don’t understand how to change both.

Thanks for taking your time to make these tutorials!

I’m using a Nikon d3200…..

Josie Jackson says:

Very well explained, and I like how you show photographs that you have taken, well done

Andi Koru says:


ngveantat says:

using a DSLR opens up a whole new world of photography doesn’t it

Tuhina Agrawal says:

I must say…..its the way you explain….that hits the memory and concepts. I always knew what apperature, shutter speed and ISO ment but cudn never implement it. now i know. going to experiment my new 650d.

keep going. u good.

omicer says:

very informative. thanks a lot

ymck1109 says:

Thanks! It helps me a lot^_^

VanNelleX says:

it’s very well explained

Aadi Ahmad says:

very well explained Jibran 🙂

bishaw77 says:

ofcourse u and mrs. know me,send me a mail at shawb201012@gmail.com and i will tell you 🙂

Joanne Mitchell says:

Found your video very informative thanks. I’ve just started a photography diploma at my local college and need all the help I can get at the moment. I bought a Nikon D3000 last year and have just been pointing and shooting til now. You explain it so well so thanks again! And I will be definitely looking at more!

alishanren says:

very informative. thank you for sharing

missGandaRN says:

i love your videos and tutorials. i also like that you include tips and important notes in the description of the video (aperture and ISO video). those really came in handy for those who are new to photography. how come this video doesn’t have notes? they are “cheat sheet” for those of us who are still learning… could you please, please add a few notes to this video so that they’ll be easier to understand?
thanks again.

lillian xiong says:

i love your videos. it really helps! thank you so much for making them.

ichewtoast111 says:

great little tips.

lapeleatv says:

thank you very much for these videos!! im a total newbie and was looking around for some helpful tutorials. Yours are the easiest to understand when you have no experience at all. Just a suggestion it would be helpful to have them numbered so that i dont jump ahead and miss anything. Im trying to watch them all in the correct order. Going for the uploading dates right now.

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